Can you beat cancer gently without Chemo or Radiation..
Using non-toxic ways to be cancer free for life

Will you beat cancer..
Or will you get cancer in your lifetime?

Beat Cancer gently
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We've been waging the war to beat cancer now for several decades

But, let's see what a prominent scientist said about these high profile wars on cancer

"Everyone should know that the war on cancer is largely a fraud!"

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how to be cancer free for life

Who said that?

None other than Dr Linus Pauling

Who was Linus Pauling?

The ONLY person to ever win TWO solo Nobel Prizes, that's who!

Here is Dr Linus Pauling talking about the power of Vitamin C in combating cancer

How important is Vitamin C ?

Well, let's ask nature that important question

Why is it that almost ALL friuts contain Vitamin C ?

Is nature trying to tell us something?

Now we are told that getting and not getting cancer is a matter of luck!

Are you kdding me?

Take a look at this

An alternative cancer therapy?

But what if I told you that someone did discover a cure for cancer!

And it was no secret to the medical establishement of the time-or to government authorities

In fact, this cancer cure was so well known and highly regarded that it won a prestigous award..

The Nobel Prize, to be exact...!

In 1931!!

The name of this pioneer?

Dr Otto Heinrich Warburg ...!

Who was Dr Warburg?

A pioneering German physiologist and medical doctor

You mean to tell me that a a safe, alternative cancer cure has been available since 1931?


That's what I am telling you

Then why all those beat cancer telethons and fundraisers, you ask?

Beats me!

But if you want to reduce your risks of cancer then go download this book by clicking the link, or the above banner

Remember, it's your health we're talking about

  1. There have been high profile wars on cancer
  2. There have been telethons
  3. There have been celebrity endorsed fundraisers

Yet, no one has been bold-or stupid-enough to claim that the war to beat cancer has been won


Because the war has NOT been won

In fact, we are losing the war, in spite of the rosy pictures you see painted in the media

Not because we don't know how to win the war

But because winning the war would result in loss of profit for those who suppy fake weapons for the war to beat cancer

Think about that for a moment

Selenium-the Anti-Cancer Mineral

Here is a mineral that can help you beat cancer

But don't take my word for it, here is what the FDA said about Selenium's power to defeat cancer..

"Selenium may reduce the risk of certain cancers. Some scientific evidence suggests that consumption of Selenium may reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer. However, the FDA has determined that this evidence is limited and not conclusive."

This is startling-in light of the fact that you have to put a gun to the head of the FDA for it to acknowledge that a natural product has any therapeutic value..

Let alone as an alternative cancer therapy!

According to the FDA, only drugs can cure!

Supplements for Cancer

The FDA, in the face of irrefutable research, was forced to admit that Selenium is a cancer supplement

And it is my suspicion that Selenium is just one of many such cancer supplements

In fact, I am sure of it

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And don't think the drug companies don't know about these nutrients.

They do

They either

  1. Try to supress them
  2. Or try to patent them, so they can maintain a monopoly on them, and charge outrageous prices

Did I hear you say you can't patent a natural product?

If you have friends in high places and deep pockets, sure you can!

And the drug companies do!

You don't believe me?

Listen to this:

Did you know that some drug companies have patented human genes?

YES, YOUR GENES-belong to them!

Now What?

Plant based Nutrition to Beat Cancer

Go download your copy of the book on how to beat cancer without chemo/radiation

A lot of people are not impressed with all those telethons you see on television

  1. Maybe because of what Dr Pauling said about the war on cancer
  2. Could it be because of the low cancer cure rate of the therapies promoted by these telethons

In case you think this thinking is isolated, check out how this little girl succeeded in getting rid of cancer after being given a few weeks to live-by expert Doctors!

These people and others do not believe this is the best way to beat cancer

The failure rate of conventional cancer treatments, and their horrible side effects, call for alternative cancer protocols

Chemotherapy, Radiation-Are these your choices of Cancer Therapy?

Chemotherapy and Radiation will lower and damage your immune system

That's the only way your body would allow them in

The side effects of these Therapies are very serious

Chemotherapy depletes your white blood count

From your High School Biology, you know that white blood cells are the workhorse of your immune system

What do you think would happen when your immunity is highly compromised?

Health Risks of Chemo and Radiation

  1. Chemotherapy lowers your immune system
  2. Nausea
  3. Depression
  4. Hair Loss
  5. Fatigue
  6. Weight Loss etc.

Instead of helping you beat cancer gently, chemotherapy actually opens you up to potential serious, secondary infections, by lowering your immunity

In fact, these secondary infections are the causes of death of a lot of cancer patients

But you won't know that, because these deaths are attributed to the cancer itself!

Here is something to think about..

Do you know most Oncologists will NOT undergo Chemotherapy or recommend it for their loved ones!


That's what these same Oncologists recommend for you and your loved ones!

Is there a better way to beat cancer that these Oncologists know, but are not telling you?

Cruciferous Vegetables Fight Cancer

Cruciferous vegetables have some unique phytochemicals that have been shown by research to reduce your risjs of cancer

One of these phytochemicals are known as Indo-3-Carbinols

Cruciferous vegetables includes..

  1. Broccoli
  2. Cauliflower
  3. Brussel Sprouts
  4. Cabbage
  5. Collard Greens
  6. Kale
  7. Turnips

A cancer diet then, should include these cruciferous vegetables, if you want to beat cancer

Now, let's see what Dr Warburg postulated-and proved-as the causes of cancer and how that knowledge could be used to prevent AND beat cancer gently

If sun exposure causes cancer, how come people in the tropics are not dropping dead from skin cancer?

Just wondering!

Why is it so hard to beat cancer?

It's not!

Remember Dr Otto Heinrich Warburg .. from 1931?

The real question is..

Why has this cancer cure been suppressed?

Why hasn't your doctor told you about this discovery to beat cancer?

Why is the government not shouting this from every roof top?


The authorities may not be shouting this news, but you can!


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Together, we can all spread the word about how to beat cancer, and non-toxic health in general

What is cancer?

And why does cancer afflict so many people

Cancer is an equal opportunity disease.

Cancer afflicts the old and the young

Cancer even afflicts newborns


Cancer is the malignant growth of cells that cannot follow, or have been prevented from following the instructions of their DNA

That's a simple explanation without going into some physiology

This cell disobedience can be the result of several factors

Will you be cancer free or beat cancer if you're ever sick?

Did you know that cancer was not a common disease in the ancient world?

At least not the way it is in its various forms today-that's what experts tell us from their research into the diseases of the past

To prove that point, they point to the fact that very few of ancient mummies have cancerous growths

Is cancer a modern disease?

After examining hundreds of Egyptian mummies, the researchers could only find one-Yes One-case of rectal cancer!

This was a study from the University of Manchester, in England

Here's how one of the researchers, Rosalie David, put it:

"In industrialised societies, cancer is second only to cardiovascular disease as a cause of death. But in ancient times, it was extremely rare. There is nothing in the natural environment that can cause cancer. So it has to be a man-made disease, down to pollution and changes to our diet and lifestyle."

What does this mean?

It means you can..

Stand up to Cancer

If Rosalie David's statement from above is correct, you can stand up to cancer

That's because the factors cited as the major causes of cancer are actually under your control!

You can actually beat cancer-that's the good news

So what makes the difference-from a disease that's rare in the ancient world, to one that now afflicts young and old?

Can you cancer proof yourself?

How did the ancient people cancer proof themselves?

Can you do the same if you know those secrets?

Or maybe ancient people had no need to cancer proof themselves.
May be they do not have to beat cancer because the chances of been afflicted was low to nil!

Can you be Cancer free?

Is cancer the result of our lifestyles and carelessness?

Did you know that some scientists now regard cancer a disease of civilization?

We are further told that a lot of cancers are caused by envinronment factors

That is most cancers result from man-made chemicals and unhealthy lifestyles!!

Causes of Cancer

If Cancer was rare in the ancient world, what are the causes of cancer in the modern world?

  1. Weak immune system
  2. A toxic system
  3. Acidity
  4. Lack of Oxygen
  5. Free Radical damage
  6. Cell Mutation
  7. Illness
  8. Polluted Air
  9. Industrial chemicals
  10. Household chemicals
  11. Food additives
  12. Pollutions from industrial powerplants
  13. Contamination of drinking water
  14. Contamination of foods-from the farm and the ocean
  15. Pesticides, herbicides and germicides
  16. Synthetic fertilizers
  17. Destruction of Ozone layer by man made chemicals
  18. Toxic beauty products
  19. Toxic medications
  20. Smoking
  21. Drug Use
  22. Alcohol abuse
  23. Stress of modern life
  24. Poor nutrition
  25. Radiation

I know, I know; the list is long

But you can see that almost all of these factors are under your control

Cancer and the Industrial Revolution

It's easy to see why ancient man had little need to worry about beating cancer because he did not have to face most of these risks

If this list is correct-and it is-it could be seen that almost all these risks of cancer are tied to our activities and lifestyles

Cancer proofing yourself then would naturally involve avoiding these risks!

It's a little bit more involved than that, as this book on healing cancer gently explains

Download the book. Click the link now!

Cancer and Carcinogens

Carcinogens are cancer causing materials

I am sure you've seen warnings about cancer causing chemicals..

..From junkyards to beauty shops..
..From hospitals-where you're supposed to be healed-to auto repair shops..
..Retail stores, to even food processing facilities!

In fact, Mcdonald's has this warning posted at one of its restaurants..

I don't know if this notice is at all its restaurants, but it is posted in this one in Los Angeles

Chemicals known to cause Cancer or Birth Defects or other Reproductive Harm may be present in FOODS or BEVERAGES sold or served here

I am willing to bet most people have not "seen" or read this poster!

It is large and in plain site..

AND yet...

Most people have never read this notice!


It seems that the explosion of cancer in the modern world coincided with the industrial revolution

Our insatiable appetite for ever more toxic chemicals and profits, has robbed us of our common sense and has put our health at risk

These chemicals can cause mutations-and that's what cancer really is-abnormal growth of cells

Normally, cell division is controlled by the instructions in the cell's DNA

Cells that have now been prevented from following instructions of their DNA and are now forced to carry out unhealthy instructions

By the intruders in the above list!

These cells then divide-at uncontrollable rates-by feeding on, and destroying sorrounding cells

If not checked, these malignant cells poison, destroy, and take the places of healthy cells-destroying them

In other words, the cell dies!

This is why those telethons to beat cancer generate so much interest

Because wherever you are in the world, these chemicals are in your body

Some of these chemicals have even been detected in the umbilical blood of newborns!

Did you read that last sentence?
I just don't want you to miss the implications of it

Would it make sense then that detoxifying your body would be one of the ways to beat cancer?

This is why people want to know how to beat cancer

This is why you need to know about the discovery of Dr Warburg..

A way to beat cancer that has been known since 1931

You then need to ask yourself this..

Why is this therapy not available to you or your loved ones?



At the expense of your health!

See, according to the FDA, only drugs can cure

This is the same mentality in the European Union too

Natural products are under assault..
By the same people charged with protecting your health!

The Drug Companies have corrupted politicians..

Politicians who pass legislations to favor those drug companies

And it does not matter how much these drugs hurt your health

You don't believe me?

The War Against Natural Therapies

Listen to the litany of side effects of these drugs when they are advertised on television?

Do they sound to you like healing products, or do they sound like toxic wastes?

And they cost you an arm and a leg to boot!

You and I would go to jail if we put these poisons on the market

Any doctor who prescribes and maintains that a non-drug product cures cancer or any disease for that matter..

  1. Can lose his/her medical license
  2. Can end up in jail

And it doesn't matter if that therapy works

In fact, that doctor would be in more trouble IF the natural therapy works

Because it would be harder to suppress it IF word of its effectiveness is allowed to get around


Because it would threaten the profits of drug companies!

This is why you need to know how to cancer proof yourself
It is that serious!

Cancer free with non-toxic cancer cures and healthy lifestyles

Remember Dr Otto Heinrich Warburg ...?

The medical community of the time thought so highly of his discovery to beat cancer that the Internationl community awarded him the Nobel Prize

Nobel Prize winners are celebrated today

They attain the status of rock stars

So why haven't you heard about Dr Otto Heinrich Warburg?

Or his life saving discovery about how to beat cancer?

Cancer Conspiracy-at your expense!

I know what you are thinking..

Oh, oh! Here comes another conspiracy theory-from the lunatic fringe

But, indulge me for a minute

You'll see it's very easy to prove this conspiracy theory

I won't even try to prove it

You'll be able to prove it to yourself!

Cancer Fighting Strategies

Yes, why have you never heard about them..?

Other than the harmful, conventional treatments of Chemotherapy, Radiation, Surgery?

Why haven't you heard of the potent cancer fighters that Dr Warburg talked about

Oh! Did you know a lot of people who undergo Prostate Surgery actually end up being impotent?

Just thought you'd like to know

Beat Cancer without Chemotherapy or Radiation

Now, let's look at the heart of what Dr Warburg said cause Cancer..

And how this knowledge can help you prevent and beat Cancer

According to Dr Warburg's Nobel Prize winning Cancer Cure research of 1931..
Here are the major triggers of Cancer, according to Dr Warburg

Cancer and Oxygen

According to this research, the major trigger of Cancer are..

  1. Lack of oxygen
  2. And/or the inability of the cell to utilize oxygen

According to this research, Cancer and Oxygen DO NOT mix

This means that Cancer cells cannot thrive in an envinroment of adequate Oxygen supply!

So, one of the best strategies to beat Cancer is to supply the cells with plenty of oxygen

Cancer Risk of Low Oxygen in Body Cells

When cells are deprived of adequate oxygen, it is forced to undergo Anaerobic respiration-instead of Aerobic

Anaerobic respiration-Respiration in the absence of Oxygen-is actually a process of Fermentation that results in production of Alcohol and Acidity

Cancer cells thrive in this kind of atmosphere, dividing uncontrollably, at the expense of healthy sorrounding cells

You can reduce your risks of cancer and even beat cancer by making sure adequate amount of oxygen gets to your cells


  1. By proper breathing techniques
  2. Exercises
  3. Eating oxygen rich foods
  4. Lowering Stress
  5. Good Digestive Health
  6. Cleansing the body of toxins
  7. Getting adequate amount of sleep etc

And by following the strategies for beating cancer recommended in this book

Go download it right now

Cancer and Body Acidity

Here is another conclusion from Dr Warburg's research..

An acidic body is a haven for the proliferation of Cancer cells!

  1. Body acidity is measured in ph
  2. ph is Potential of Hydrogen
  3. The ideal body ph is 7.43
  4. A ph lower than 7.43 signals too much acid or Acidosis
  5. A ph higher than 8.5 signals too much alkanility or Alkalosis

Yes, it is a narrow spectrum

You want your system on the Alkaline side, IF you want to beat cancer and cancer proof your body

So, how do you make sure your body is alkaline?

Eat alkaline producing foods

Cancer Diet

A cancer diet to alkalinize your body consists of...

  1. Alkaline producing foods
  2. Oxygen Producing foods
  3. Foods that digest quickly before they ferment in your intestine and cause fatigue
  4. Efficient elimination of wastes, so your body will not reabsorb toxins into your bloodstream
  5. Eat more raw foods
  6. Avoid junk foods-they are very acidic among their numerous health hazards
  7. Avoid sodas-some of the most toxic substances you can put in your body
  8. Eliminate or, at least cut down on fried foods-they generate too much free radicals
  9. Eat foods with live enzymes; foods such as raw fruits and veggies. Take Probiotics

Rainbow anti-Cancer diet

Plant based diet is the best way to alkalinize the body

It has been suggested that the Rainbow Diet is best

What is the Rainbow Diet to beat cancer?

The idea is to eat a variety of plant foods of different colors

Some of the best known Rainbow anti-cancer foods are..

  1. Broccoli-Green
  2. Cauliflower-White
  3. Peppers-A cornucopia of colors
  4. Asparagus-A very alkaline plant food
  5. Onions-A variety of colors
  6. Cabbage
  7. Egg-plant-variety of colors
  8. Leafy vegetables-all colors
  9. Fruits-all colors of the spectrum

How Rainbow Diet helps you Beat Cancer

Here is how the Rainbow anti-cancer diet help you reduce your risks of cancer

The pigments in these plant foods are also potent cancer fighters


The Rainbow diet supply soluble and insoluble fibers

These help in digestion, elimination of wastes. Better digestion helps boost your immune system

And as we have seen, one of the risks of Cancer is a weak immune system

It's been proved scientifically that fiber in the diet, reduces your risks of Cancer


A cleanser and deodorizer

It prevents putrefaction-which as you read earlier, is a risk factor for Cancer


Enzymes are some of the most important components of health

Digestive enzymes help good digestion and absortion, prevent diseases, help the breakdown of toxins etc

Enzymes are destroyed by heat. This is why a lot of your diet should be raw

Digestive Enzyme Therapy is a neglected therapy that can help you beat cancer and improve your health dramatically

Vitamins, Minerals

Vitamins and minerals in plants are more biolavailable than in animal sources

Digesting animal foods and extracting these nutrients tax the body and can cause fatigue

Not only that, plant foods leave less wastes than animal products-reducing the risks of toxicity and cancer

It's no secret that our foods have little or no nutrition. One of the most nutrient dense products to supplement your diet is Moringa-and it is natural


Anti-oxidants are free radical neutralizers.

Free radicals damage DNA, cause premature aging, brain impairment, strokes, heart disease, predispose cells to cancerous growth etc

This is why consuming anti-oxidants is a very important part of beating cancer

Remember the thumbs up the FDA gave Selenium earlier on in this post?


  1. Selenium is a strong anti-oxidant
  2. Helps protect DNA against aging and environmental damage
  3. Interferes with the expression of the genes involved in the progression of cancer
  4. Protect the thyroid-an important organ for metabolism, energy production, immunity etc.

Beat Cancer with healthy lifestyle

The risks of Cancer increases exponentially with unhealthy lifestyles

These include..

  1. Obesity-Obesity is a risk factor for Cancer. It is a good idea to lose excess weight not only to beat cancer but to get healthy overall
    If you want to reduce your cancer risks, lose weight and keep it off
    Click this link
  2. Smoking-Smoking loads the body with toxins. But more so, smoking reduces oxygen suppy to the body. You would remember that Dr Warburg found from his research that lack of oxygen is the major cause of cancer
  3. Drug Use-Drugs damage your health at every level. Apart from putting toxins in your body, drugs lower your immune system and damage organs
  4. Lack of Sleep-Sleep deprivation is a risk factor for obesity, stress, lower immunity, poor digestion, diabetes etc. All these are risk factors for cancer, as you know by now
  5. Poor Nutrition-Good nutrition will help you beat cancer. Poor nutrition increases your risks of getting cancer. It's as simple as that!

It's not really not hard to beat cancer

It just requires some work

I don't know about you, but cancer is so scary that I don't mind doing the work to cancer proof myself

Especially when that requires things that are mostly under my control

How about you?

Woould you like to beat Cancer?

Take charge of your health then

Reduce your risks of cancer by downloading your copy of this life saving book

Good luck to you


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Remember that McDonald's notice about their food and beverages being risks for cancer?

Well, a week after I reported on that notice, I went back there

Guess what?

It had been taken down,and replaced with a smaller sign

You don't think they read this post, do you?

Now, there's no evidence that they had changed their menu. They haven't

The information in that large poster is still true, you'll just have a harder time finding it

But in spite of this Orwelian wiggle, you can still beat cancer if you follow the Cancer fighting strategies outlined in this book

Click the link now to download it!

Latest News

  1. Here is a report about the bogus nature of some Cancer Charities

    A lot of people have regarded these charities and their telethons as money making enterprises anyway

    This in light of the fact that a brilliant German scientist found the major cause of cancer..

    In 1931!

    You would think these telethons would, at least, mention this breakthrough

    It must have been a very important discovery, because Dr Warburg was awarded the Nobel Prize for this discovery!

    In 1931!

    Why haven't you been told about this discovery by these profit driven telethons?

    Are there ways to cancer proof yourself-and even beat cancer naturally?

    Well, take a look at the startling answer to that question by clicking the link above

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