The best fat burner will suppress your appetite, eliminate food cravings and help you get in shape

You may be eliminating the best fat burner class of foods from your diet, if you cut out all fats in order to lose weight

All fats are not created equal

We are not talking about the rancid oils and the hydrogenated spreads you buy at the supermarket. These are what are called Trans-fats. These are unhealthy and are different from the healthy fats from nature

Restricting healthy fats in your diet is not only uhealthy, but your weight loss effort would be difficult without them.

Whether you want to lose belly fat or lose unsightly love handles, your best fat burner fuel is fat

It sounds lik a contradiction but, it is true

The best fat burner-not just for losing weight

Essential fatty acids are very important for health in general, and for weight loss in particular. Apart from being the best fat burners around, healthy fats are also required for proper functioning of the heart, and the brain, and for reducing pain

But this is NOT all they do. They also help in lowering bad cholesterol, help increase metabolism so you can burn more calories-which is important for weight loss

But this is not all they do either. They are required for hormone synthesis- which is also important for weight loss. A lot of people are unable to lose weight because of hormonal imbalance

This too, does not exhaust the functions of essential fatty acids, but you get the idea of their importance

Omega-3..Omega-6-nature's path to good health

A lot of diseases are the results of inflammation. These diseases include heart disease, strokes, aging, clogged arteries, Alzheimers etc. Good fats are potent weapons against inflammation

Deficiency of essential fatty acids (healthy oils) can cause PMS, low sex drive, infertility-EFAs are required for the synthesis of sex hormomes.

So, you ask: why is this class of food the best fat burner, anyway?

Omega-3 oils have been in the news lately

It's not just the absolute values of these essential fatty acids that makes them healthy foods, but their proportion to one another. That's what makes them the best fat burner foods

The fish oil advantage

What do aspirin and fish oil have in common?

Well, aspirin is prescribed to reduce your risk of heart attack. It does this by preventing the blood from clotting

But asprin has some some risks for some people, including stomach bleeding

Fish oil, apart from reducing inflammation, also reduces your risk of heart attack by making sure your platelets do not stick together

BUT, fish oil also supplies vitamin D-and has no side effects-reduces bad cholesterol, increases good cholesterol, things that aspirin cannot do!

So apart from being one of the best fat burner oils, fish oils are also heart protective

Healthy fats and oils-ultimate fat burners

The FDA just acknowledged the importance of Omega-3 for general health.
But the FDA is not telling us what we don't already know

The benefits of Omega-3 and Omega-6 and other essential fatty acids have been known for a long time.

If you grew up like I did, you remember your mother making you drink spoonfuls of cod liver oil. She assured you it was good for you. You didn't think so because of the fishy taste and smell.

But she knew what she was talking about, and science has vindicated her.
Not that she needed science to confirm what she already knew.

It is interesting to note that at that time, there was no epidemic of obesity as we have today, and that wasn't that long ago

Omega oils are some of the best fat burning foods you can find

I guess mothers knew the power of essential fatty acids as general tonics and as fat burners too.

Obesity is a modern scourge, and it's not because these fat burning miracle is still not available

Eating right-the fat loss secret

Sources of these Omega Oils include all oily fish such as Salmon, Cod, Tuna, Nuts, Vegetables, flax seeds, and other plant oils etc., with hemp seed oil being perhaps the most complete full specturm essential fatty acid

Omega oils help to:

  1. Control hunger by helping you feel full
  2. Increase metabolism so you can burn more calories
  3. Lower cholesterol for better heart health
  4. Protect the health of the vascular system

Their inclusion, or exclusion, as fat burning foods, may be the difference between success or failure when it comes to losing weight

While there are other methods for burning fats-such as fat burning exercises- none perhaps is as healthy, or effective, as Omega oils.
The best way is to combine all the best fat burning methods for best results

The problems with fish oils

You have seen the advantages of fish oils

But there is problem with fish oil-in fact there are more than one problems

For one, most fish are contaminated with heavy metals such as lead and mercury

The sources of these oils are full of toxins that these fishes ingest

The best oil for the supply of Omega oil is Krill Oil

You can improve your health and increase fat loss with Krill Oil

Body cleanse-key to burning belly fat

Being overweight may not be totally due to overeating. There are other contributing factors.

A lot of overweight people have toxic systems

It is natural for the body to try and get rid of toxins, or any foreign matter.
The immune system does this all the time, attacking germs, viruses, harmful bacteria, engulfing them and flushing them out of the body

What does that have to do with the best fat burner?

Well, everything actually!

The body might react to toxins in the body by holding on to water and fat

Why would it want to do that when your goal is burning body fat?

To protect you, that's why!!

How so, you ask?

Some toxins are water soluble, and some are fat soluble
The body in its own wisdom retains extra fats and water


O.K, let me ask you this: Suppose you put too much sugar in your coffee, or too much salt in your soup, what do you do?

You dilute it by adding more water, and/or more ingredients, of course!

Well, that's exactly what the body does!

It retains water in the body to dilute water soluble toxins, and retains fat in the body to dilute fat soluble toxins-to make them less harmful

It then tries to eliminate these toxins from the body

This may be why some people cannot lose weight easily, because their bodies try to retain water and fat, to dilute toxins and keep them healthier, inspite of themselves

Why can't you lose weight?

The best fat burner in the world may not burn fat efficiently in this kind of situation

Now let's get back to fat soluble toxins for a moment

If you indulge excessively in alcohol, or drugs, you may compromise the health of your liver.
The liver is the body's detoxyfying factory. It is where fats and oils are emulsified (made soluble)
It is where toxins are neutralized and eliminated

If the live is not functioning properly, or if emulsifyng nutrients-such as lecithin-is missing in the diet-it may not be able to eliminate these toxins

This is why some alcoholics are puffy in the face

Could this be why you have not been able to lose weight?

Can you see why the best fat burner in the world will do you no good if your body is toxic-and until you cleanse your body?

The best option to burn fat

So where does all this leave us?

To several conclusions

  1. A fat burning program should NECESSARILY be an effort to be healthy over all.
    When the body is clean and in balance, it will seek and maitain its ideal weight
  2. The best fat burner program should include a body cleanse such as colon cleanse
  3. Eating healthy is imperative, and that will include EFAs and other fat burning foods
  4. Would you believe one of the reasons a lot of people are not able to lose weight, is parasite infection?

    I know what you're thinking
    Really! Yes, really!!

Parasite infection and weight loss

Parasite infection, apart from maybe, being responsible for unexplanable weight gain, may also cause serious health problems such as liver and heart damage, and damage to other internal organs

The effectiveness of any weight loss program may be derailed by intestinal parasites

Click on this link to learn how to rid yourself of intestinal parasites

Learn how to use the best fat loss formula to drop excess weight and get fit and slim for life.


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