How would like to flatten your tummy, lose belly fat, lose love handles and get six pack abs?

How can you flatten your tummy without boring and even dangerous sit-ups and awkward crunches?

With the revolutionary stomach fat burner!

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Best Way to tone your stomach muscles

Introducing the most effective way to flatten your tummy-the awesome Venus Factor!

This is the flat belly exercise program designed for the female body


Because a woman's body is different from that of a man

The one size fits all does not work for everybody, that's why

Getting rid of belly fat for women involves implementing these core ab exercises combined with a change in lifestyle, such as..

  • Good nutrition
  • Adequate amount of sleep
  • Lower stress levels
  • Avoid drugs
  • Avoid alcohol or consume in moderation
  • Do some bowel ceansing periodically
  • Good digestion-although this comes under good nutrition, it bears repeating because digestion is perhaps one of the major keys to good health. Digestion
  • And of course, use the use the best stomach fat reduction program to flatten your tummy

What is Flex Belt and how can it help you flatten your tummy?

lose belly fat

Electric Butt Lift Belt

Flex Belt is the ultimate stomach fat buster that does NOT require you to get on the floor, do repetitive exercises that can actually hurt you...

It is the abdominal workout device without having you do the workout


  • You'll still get to flatten your tummy in the process!!
  • You'll still get the six pack abs that will make you proud to show your belly button

Sounds unbelievable?

Not when you know what Flex Belt is, and its reputation

But first let me ask you: are you over weight?

Or are you in shape but just want to get that flat sexy stomach that's beach friendly in summer?

Lose love handles and flatten your tummy now

lose love handles now
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How much flesh can you grab when you pinch your love handles? 2 inches..3 inches?

When you flatten your belly, you also want to lose these love handles too, right?

How many side bends can you do before you injure your spine?

There is no need to injure yourself to lose love handles

Here is a device that can help you lose love handles and even help you lose belly fat without going on some exotic diet that does not work anyway

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This is how to flatten your tummy, lose love handles, and get the bikini body you want

Why you need to lose stomach fat

Too much fat in general is unhealthy. But stomach fat is especially dangerous to your health

The hidden fat, the ones that wrap around internal organs are particularly dangerous. This visceral fat-as it is known-is a risk factor for high blood pressure, type II diabetes, heart disease, brain impairment, some cancers, such as breast cancer and colon cancer.

Too much fat can also damage the liver

This is why you should be really conscious of your waistline

The recommended maximum size for a man should be no more than 40 inches, and for a woman, nor more than 35 inches.

Anything more is unhealthy

Flatten your tummy even if you are overweight

If you are overweight, there are several compelling health reasons to lose weight.
You and I know there are so many weight loss programs out there

If they all work as they promised, we would all be slim and fit by now

Besides, some of them are actually drugs that can harm your health-according to health warnings from the FDA

If you need to lose weight, why not choose the best natural weight loss product that even Dr Oz is impressed with?

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Anyway, let's get back to how you can flatten your tummy, shall we?

A lot of overweight people have big stomach. So it makes sense to show you how to lose weight and flatten your tummy at the same time

Get six pack abs

If you want to flatten your tummy and get six pack abs, the traditional way has been to..

  1. Join a gym-in most cases, a monthly fee applies
  2. Make time to go to the gym a few times a week
  3. Commute to that gym, unless you have one in your house; and if you do have one in your house, it will cost you plenty
  4. Expend tremendous effort to get any results at all
  5. And if-God forbid you are injured-you have to lay off your exercise until you recover

That might work, but that's a lot of effort. Why walk if you can safely fly?


Suppose there is a better, simpler, less expensive way to flatten your tummy?

What if in this way

  • You can work your abs while you cook dinner for your family

  • You can work your abs while at work

  • You can tone your stomach muscles while taking a walk

  • You can be burning belly fat to get six pack abs while you're watching television!

  • You do not have to set aside any time to flatten your tummy. You can be burning stomach fat anytime, anywhere with the awesome Flex Belt stomach fat buster

No gym membership fees, no communuting, and no trainer barking orders and making you feel like a soldier in bootcamp

Would you be intreseted in anything that can help you achieve all these?

Of course, you would!

Then, let me introduce you to the best stomach fat burner -the Flex Belt

Flex Belt is the effortless way to flatten your tummy

  • No crunches

  • No sit-ups

  • No funny dance moves

  • And no taking time out of your day

How Flex Belt Burns belly fat

With the Flex Belt, you can tone your stomach muscles, strengthen and firm your stomach muscles without exercises.

Maybe you are wondering how that is possible

The unique design of the Flex Belt is how it can help you flatten your tummy effortlessly

The Flex Belt wraps around the central abdominal and external oblique muscles.
The Electronic Flex Belt sends signals to these muscles

These muscles contract and relax naturally, in response. These actions work the muscles continuously, causing them to contract and relax simultaneously.

This is the same thing that happens when people exercise-except, in this case, the Flex Belt does all the work for you

When the muscles contract and relax this way, they do work, they burn calories, and tone your stomach muscles.

You don't have to think about it at all. Once you put on this belly fat burner, it works continously, even when when you are not conscious of it. This electronic stomack fat buster does all the work to flatten your tummy while you reap the benefits

This is why it is possibel for you to tone your stomach muscles as you go about your daily business.

You do not have to worry about injuring your neck or back doing some abdominal crunches and sit-ups.

Oh, in case you think this is one of those gimmicks you see on late night infommercials, you'll be glad to know that the Flex Belt is FDA approved for direct to consumer sale so you can be sure it does work.

How effective is Flex Belt in toning stomach muscles?

In clinical trials, in several tests, 100% of subjects-yes, 100%, got results from using this electronic Flex Belt tummy fat buster! This is remarkable results that's hard to match by any gimmick out there

Losing belly fat is not easy-it is frustrating-but only when you are trying to flatten your tummy withoout the Flex Belt.

Flex belt is the easiest way to get a flat tummy without sweating blood at the gym

Belly fat diet

One of the most important aspect of health-if not the most important, is good nutrition

You need to keep slim and trim after the Flex Belt helps you get six pack abs, and the best way to stay that way is with good nutrition

What is the best belly fat diet?

The best belly fat diet is one that will complement everything you do to get a flat tummy

Foods that cause a bloated stomach are definitely out

What you need are foods that aid in good digestion, and elimination. The reason a lot of people have fat stomach is because their diets is lacking in fiber

The best belly fat diet should include fiber. Not only does Fiber help in preventing the absorption of sugar, it helps in better digestion and evacuation of the bowels

Fiber also absorbs water and gives a fuller feeling so you won't overeat. Bloating sometimes happens because people overeat

The best belly fat diet thus is one that includes among other things fiber, fresh fruits, not only because of their fiber content, but because they also supply digestive enzymes

And as we have seen, a good belly fat diet involves proper digestion

The Flex Belt will help you flatten your tummy, but it is a good idea to want to get healthy too, and good nutrition is the key to good health

  1. Apples

    Apples are some of the healthiest foods. The adage: An apple a day keeps the doctor away is no myth

    Apples are loaded with vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, fiber etc.

    These help nourish the body, help digestion, help elimination of wastes and help burn fat

    Proper digestion is the basis for good health in general, in immunity and in weight control

  2. Green Leafy vegetables

    Your mother was right. You need to eat your vegetables

    Vegetables contain plenty of phytonutients, vitamins, enzymes, fiber, anti-oxidants chlorophll and other plant pigments

    These pigments act as cleansers, and help deodorize the digestive system, helping to prevent putrefaction

    Putrefaction can lead to auto-toxicity

    If you intend to flatten your tummy, you will have to listen to your mother, and eat your veggies

    The fiber in these vegetables help eliminatiion of wastes

    A lot of vegetables have disease fighting components. This is especially true of such vegetables as Broccoli, Cauliflower, Kale, Cabbage, Brussel Sprouts and many many more

  3. Nuts and Oils

    Nuts are ver nutrient dense, are filling and contain healthy oils that are heart healthy.

    Oils, especially the omega oils, help weight loss, benefit the health of the heart and the brain

    These healthy fats also assist in the synthesis of hormones and digestive health

    Such nuts as Almonds are very rich in vitamins, minerals, good fats, fiber etc.

  4. Avocado

    I should mention that avocado is my favorite food. I can subsist on it for a whole year!

    There is a good reason for it too. Avocado is rich in nutrients. The oil is one of the most delicious. The beta-sitosterol it contains-more than any other fruit- lowers bad cholesterol.

    Oils have got a bad reputation lately. While there are unhealthy oils, the brain and the heart need healthy oils to operate. Healthy oils are also needed for effective weight loss

    Such oils that are actually good for you are Coconut oil, Palm Oil.

    Surprised? Don't be. Do the research!

  5. Legumes

    Legumes-beans, lentiles etc., are some of the best sources of proteins-AND complex carbohydrates. Complex cardohydrates have low glycemic index.

    This prevents sugar spikes and reduces the risks of diabetes and make it easier to lose weight

    Legumes are high nutrition, low calorie foods

    If you seriously want to flatten your tummy, legumes should be a big part of your nutrition

Want six pack abs without boring and even dangerous sit-ups and awkward crunches?

With the revolutionary Flex Belt-that's how to burn off belly fat and get a flat stomach.

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You want to flatten your tummy, don't you?

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