Making healthy choices has tremendous benefits that far outweigh the efforts

The chance to make healthy choices is considered a priviledge by those who value their health

Some of us fail to make healthy choices, because we take our health for granted.

The body is constantly telling us how to make these choices by the feedbacks it gives us. If we choose a healthy lifestyle, and if we are paying attention, and listening to our bodies, we can catch some ailments in their early stages.

The effects on us will not be serious because we have adopted healthy habits

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If we learn how to opt for healthy choices, and practice what we learn, we can prevent diseases, and even reverse them by not doing what trigger them in the first place.

Making healthy choices is your best bet to insure good health.

The body knows what to do

The body knows how to do what it knows to do

When you make healthy choices, you give the body the tools it needs to do what it knows to do, so you can be healthy and fit at any age

Good health is a choice

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Barring physical trauma , or maybe poisoning, most diseases
do not happen spontaneously.
Most diseases are lifestyle diseases.

If we watch our health and life closely, we would discover that these diseases have been brewing, sometimes for years, before manifesting
in hard to ignore symptoms.

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But the best features of healthy choices are its low cost, low risk, simpicity and accessibility for everyone

You maintain control. You do not need a doctor to hand you a pill to stop smoking or eat fruits and vegetables.

Knowing all this, why don't we always make healthy choices?

A lot of times, it's not because we do not know of healthy choices, it is because for one reason or the other, we refuse, or are unable to practice what we know about living healthy.

And all through that time, the body is constantly sending signals that something is wrong, with each signal stronger than the previous one.

Sometimes the signals are subtle, sometimes they are strong. But even when they are subtle, if we watch our health very closely, we can still detect them.
The body is telling us we are not making healthy choices that enhance our well being

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Health and wellness for the whole body

The body is a whole unit even though it has many parts. But the health of these various parts, are intricately linked to the health of other parts.

Poor dental health for instance, can put your heart health at risk; oral bacteria can migrate into the bloodstream and damage your heart; poor digestion can result in bad skin, or even headaches. This is not how to live healthy

Sometimes in conventional medicine, symptoms are treated instead of the underlying causes

Take cholesterol for instance. Medications, with some serious side effects, are prescribed to lower high cholesterol. Some experts say this is the wrong approach, since this does not address why cholesterol is high in the first place

Now, a healthy lifestyle approach would have been to find out why cholesterol is high, and fix that problem. If you treat the symptom, the underlying cause is still there. Not to worry, say the drug companies-here are more pills.

But nature has provided so many ways to keep normal cholesterol level, IF it is high. It so happens that an ingredient in Blueberries called Pterostilbene, a very powerful anti-oxidant, lowers cholesterol as much as prescription drugs, without the side effects of those drugs.

Now, which approach do you think is a healthier choice?

Here is a way to take care of your heart naturally

Natural approach to living healthy

Natural products offer healthier choices, are gentler on the body, AND are cheaper.

There was even an ad for a drug, in which the manufacturer admitted that getting off the drug, increases your chance of dying from the same disease the drug was supposed to treat! Hard to believe

You are thus on these medications for a long time, sometimes for life-complete with their cummulative side effects. Can you say profits?

But the major health problem that society faces today, is not even subtle at all.
I am talking about obesity.

It is one important message on making healthy choices, that the body shouts out from the roof tops. We know the weight is piling on

We seem to forget how to eat healthy, or maybe we just can't help ourselves. We watch the weight pile on until it ruins our lives. No one has to tell us this is not how to live healthy. We can see the unpleasant results.

But here is how to shed pounds safely.

We can maintain a healthy weight by a lifestyle of healthy food choices

Healthy food choices for healthy living

Information on healthy living is readily availabe. But making these healthy choices for some people is a luxury

We all know that eating fruits and vegetables is a healthy food choice. But a pound of flour is cheaper than a pound of apples, and more filling too, even though it's not as healthy. But for some people, that choice is dictated by access to resources.

A mother of 3, with limited resources, may not be able to make the healthy food choice of more fruits and vegetables, even though she knows these are what the children need to be healthy.

She would opt for foods that are more filling, even when she knows there are healthier choices. Her options are limited by lack of capital

But this is not restricted to mothers, people with limited resources make these compromises everyday

As evidence of this fact, the poorest states in the United States, have the highest obesity rates

Get healthy by listening to your body

Practicing what we know about how to live healthy, and paying attention to body signals, would ensure that we would not have to take dangerous medications because the problem would have been addressed before it becomes acute.

For instance, if you are constantly straining on the toilet, your body is trying to tell you something, and if you've been watching your health closely, you might be able to pin-point what is amiss. You've not been making healthy food choices.

You might need to pay attention to your diet. Prescribing a stool softner in this case may be a futile exercise as it does not address the underlying cause, and may further compound the problem. What you need more than anything is to eat healthy.

A different take on living healthy

A friend of mine has a funny take on this. She has a full length mirror in front of her toilet.

I thought that was strange. But she explained that she wanted to show some of her friends, "....and they know who they are, that they are not as cute as they think...."

Well, I won't go that far to prove a point, even if it is true, but if you have to make so many ugly faces and some unearthly sounds while doing your business, then its time for you to start making healthy choices, especiall in your diet:

Do you have enough fiber in your diet

Fiber acts as a broom to sweep your digestive system clean of debris. But fiber does more than that.

Fiber in the diet also traps fats, and prevents them from being absorbed. Fiber in the diet lowers your cancer risk.

Fiber is also filling. It prevents overeating. This helps in maintaining an ideal weight- in fact, eating a fruit before a meal helps you eat less.

Fibers are abundant in fruits and vegetables. My favorites are apples and strawberries. Unfortunately, animal sources hardly have any fiber

Fibers help you maintain a healthy cholesterol profile

Do you drink enough water?

Water is the most under-rated food on earth. Yes, water is food-in fact it is the most important food of all.

How so? Well, you can live without food for weeks. But if you don't have water for a few days, you will be dead.

Water is involved in most, if not all, metabolic processes of the body-from digestion to body temperature control, from nutrient transport to energy production in the mitochondria.

Drinking enough water is one of those heathy choices for optimum health-in fact, it is the healthiest choice you can ever make.

Would you believe some people confess to not drinking that much water because they don't like its taste.
There is something unnatural about that, since most of our bodies are mostly water

If you are one of those who do not like the taste of water, you might want to squeeze some lemon or lime juice in the water to make it more palatable.

This will also supply you with vitamin C, a vitamin that has to be ingested because the body does not manufacture it.

Do you eat too much refined foods?

Refined foods, most of the time have been stripped of their life giving nutrients.

They also have additives in them-artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, fillers, thickeners etc.-some of them from coal tar. Most of these additive are unhealthy.

Refined carbohydrates burden the digestive system, and raise your glycemic index, resulting in fatigue and putting you at the risk of obesity and diabetes.

Refined carbohydrates also make elimination of wastes from the digestive system difficult. These combined.....

  1. poor diet
  2. poor digestion
  3. poor elimination
  4. poor absorption of nutrients
  5. overproduction of insulin

....all these make for poor health and weight gain

A sluggish digestive system will accumulate wastes in the body. This will neccessitate a thorough body detoxification for better health

Yes, making healthy choices amid the onslaught of advertising of these unhealthy foods, can be a little difficult, but not impossible

And if, and when consumers stop buying these unhealthy foods, they will disappear from the market

Good health at twice the price

Take a food consumed by almost all cultures-rice.

You go to the market today and what you'll see more than any other, is white rice.
But white rice does not exist in nature!

Rice is coated with bran where most of its health promoting nutrients are. During processing, this health giving bran is removed.

WHY you ask

Well, the food companies assume that white color is more appealing for one. In fairness, though, it takes longer to cook rice with the bran, and the texture is not as smooth to the taste as white rice.

But, brown rice is more nutritious.

If it was the only option available, people would buy, and get to like it; after all, everything is an acquired taste.

Guess what happens to the healthy bran?

It is added to animal feed. See, animals eat healthier than you do.

Oh, you can get the bran-for a fee, of course- at any health food store. Mind you, this is what you should have got when you paid for your bag of rice

Now, you have to pay for it. You pay for the same thing twice!!

Do you eat little or no fruits and vegetables?

Apart from supplying fiber, fruits are sources of anti-oxidants that mop up free radicals that would otherwise damage your health.

Free radicals are THE major risks for heart disease, premature aging, stroke, wrinkles to mention just a few. That's how important anti-oxidants are.

Fruits also contain enzymes which are required for digestion and other metabolic processes.

Fruits contain pigments such as chlorophyll, xanthonphyl, carotenes; these act as cleansers, anti-oxidants, and immune boosters etc.

Almost all fruits contain vitamin C. It seems nature is trying to tell us something about the importance of this vitamin.

Science has validated that message.

Animals, except man and guinea pigs, manufacture their own Vitamin C. Vitamin C is very important for overall health, as well as a powerful anti-oxidant.

Consuming antioxidant rich foods, is THE most important of all the healthy choices we can make


Because damage from free radicals is the major contributor to aging and other serious diseases

Ask sailors, and they'll tell you how, on long sea voyages, vitamin C {in the form of lime, lemon, oranges} could be the difference between life and death.

Vitamin C is destroyed by heat. That's why vitamin C containing foods should be eaten raw or cooked on low heat

Amalaki fruit {Indian gooseberry} has maybe the highest amount of natural vitamin C-several times the vitamin C content of oranges, in fact.

And the vitamin C in amalaki fruit is unique; its molecules are tightly bound together and are not readily destroyed by heat.

Fruits and vegetables are about the only food group you can survive on, exclusively. That means that you can eat a variety of fruits and vegetables, ONLY, and get all the nutrients you need to survive. No other food group can make that claim. That's why this food group is so important.

Fruits contain some phyto-nutrients that are known to arrest, and even reverse some malfunctions in the body!

You neglect them at your health's risk

Including fruits in your diet is one of those healthy choices that enhance your well being.

Do you drink sodas?

Anyone will tell you that of all the healthy choices you can make, drinking sodas is not one of them

Sodas will damage your health

Sodas are actually sugared water. Its sugar content is so high as to put you at risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, body acidity to name just a few of its risk

So you say to yourself: no problem, I'll switch to diet soda!

Bad move!!

That's even worse than consuming the regular sodas, which is bad enough

Some of the diet sodas are sweetened with artificial sugar substitutes such as Aspartame, a product that has been linked to so many health problems.

These are important aspects of making healthy choices that we should pay attention to.

But we ignore the signals. We opt for dangerous medications that mask the symptoms instead of treating the underlying causes.

Do you exercise?

The adage, "Use it or lose it" is very true indeed

How much of healthy choices are exercises?
Well, consider these...

  1. Exercises help relieve stress. They help blow off steam when you're angry. Exercises lift mood and are relaxing, and lower blood pressure
  2. Exercises help control weight because they burn calories. These exercises do not have to be rigorous to be beneficial. They could be as simple as walking, swimming, taking the stairs instead of the elevator
  3. Exercises help maintain a healthy chloesterol profile-lowering the bad and elevating the good. Exercises improve blood circulation. Better circulation can boost brain fitness and sex life
  4. Exercises increase strength and endurance, strengthen the heart and lungs and help the body use oxygen more efficiently
  5. Exeercises reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, depression, etc.
  6. Exercises increase joint flexibility
  7. Exercises help maintain balance. Balance is very important as we grow older, as falling is a major risk of death for older folks

This is another component of healthy choices that should command our attention

Here take this...Is this a healthy choice?

Got an itch, here is a pill for that. We've become a pill popping society. Even the manufacturers admit that these drugs are dangerous.

They are not offering us healthy choices; they are trying to hook us on medications that even they agree, have dangerous side effects.

Listen to the list of side effects when their ads appear on television.
Notice how the "benefits" of these drugs are patiently explained.

Contrast that with how fast the announcer goes through the side effects, so you won't be able to keep up.

A better way is to make healthy choices. This makes more sense, and makes for healthier living.

A poison, in a new bottle, under a new name, will still kill you

We are told that patents on some prescription drugs have expired. Yippie!

These are some of the best selling drugs in the world. These drugs include Lipitor, Pfizer's blockbuster cholesterol drug, a drug that have been linked to liver and muscle damage.

That means that generic versions, at cheaper prices, can now enter the market. These are the same drugs with those dangerous side effects, that some experts think should not be in the market to begin with.

Would you believe there is a natural heart health alternative?

Read what a former heart surgeon has to say about natural heart health

If you've been making healthy choices, you would not care whether the patents on these medications expire or not.


Because, you weren't going to take them anyway.

Here is a report from Los Angeles Times in its Sunday, September 18, 2011 issue...
The report stated that deaths from prescription drugs now surpasse deaths from auto accidents or firearms. That's very scary.

Make healthy choices and be fit for life

You can reduce your risks by making healthy choices

How do you make these healthy choices? With relevant information.
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Making healthy choices, eating healthy, thinking right, staying active- this is how you can stay healthy for life

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