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A Lifestyle of natural wellness:
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naturally healthy

A lifestyle of natural wellness is easy to achieve, is cheaper, and improves our quality of life.

Would you believe.......

Health care in th U.S alone is a trillion dollar business?.

With this huge amount of money, you would think everyone would be a picture of health....

Well, think again!

In fact...

  1. Heart disease kills about 500,000 people a year-and that's in the U.S alone!
  2. Diabetes afflicts 18,000,000, with another 15,000,000 more who may not
    be aware they are afflicted-it is the third largest killer
  3. Truth is buried in Orwellian double-speak for the sake of profit, as drug companies peddle drugs, with side-effects worse than the diseases they are supossed to cure!
  4. With this kind of assault, you would never realize there are natural wellness options that have longer histories of uses than what are been peddled
  5. More people are overweight than ever before-over 30% of adults over 20 are overweight, and the rate for children is even more alarming

Over-Fed But Under-nourished

And with obesity comes the risks of diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, cancer etc. That's why the
weight loss industry is so big.

But they must not be doing a good job, because more people are still overweight than ever before.

Women are more vulnerable to the weight loss pitch because of the greater pressure on them to be slim and pretty.

And with all the noise out there about getting slim and fit, I want you to know that you can shed the pounds, naturally, without living on plastic food or killing yourself at the gym.... Take a look at this natural wellness weight loss program!

And speaking about women, would you believe a good percentage of women suffer from yeast infection-and a lot of them don't even know it?
Some who know sometimes resort to prescription drugs that have very serious side effects.

Well, there is a natural wellness approach to yeast infection

Don't Blink now!

Or they just might sneak something by us!
Wait a minute, they already did!!
From Aspartame to Flouride:
From artificial food coloring {made from coal tar......!}
---to HFCS {High Fructose Corn Syrup}.
What are these you ask?
They are not the healthiest products around---and that's putting it kindly--and you--knowingly or unknowingly--consume them everyday.

Natural Healing choices For Women

While we are on the subject of women: Here is what you would definitely want to tell your mother, sister, aunt, wife, daughter...

As reported by Lancelot, the British Medical Journal, Hormone Replacement Therapy {HRT} increases a woman's chance of getting ovarian cancer by 20%.

And listen to this, and this is very significant: In the U.S, between 2001 and 2004, incidents of breast cancer dropped 8.6% among women general population.

It gets even more interesting: because among women 50 and older, the drop was even greater- 11.8%!

Why is this?

Well, because a significant number of women STOPPED Hormone Replacement Therapy{HRT}.

Who said that, you ask?

No less an authority than "The New England Journal of Medicine", that's who!

In plain language, what does this mean? It means that there were 30,000 fewer cases of breast cancer during 2001-2004!
Isn't that good news?

You would remember that this good news, because of its health significance, was broadcast over every available Television channel, Right?


Unless you dig, and dig some more, you may not be aware of this
kind of news. It is not sexy enough.
It does not fit into their demographics. But, demographics be damned, excuse my language-I know this kind of information fits into your demographics and those of your loved ones.

That is why we dig, and then dig some more, to bring you this kind of health resources, wherever they are hidden; and believe me, they are hidden. To start receiving this kind of natural wellness information, subscribe to our newsletter below if you have not already done so.




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Naturally Healthy

But there are alternative therapies

Because of the high cost of medical care, and the scary side effects of some conventional medicines, more people than ever before are exploring natural wellness options.

They have found from experience that being healthy naturally is cheaper and safer than some high tech intervention. They have taken charge of their own well-being.

Oh!, here is a shocker-shocker to those who want to drug us into zombieland-about a natural wellness item that nature hides in plain site all this time......

A report from India found that diabetes can actually be reversed by eating almonds!
India has the highest number of diabetics in the world.

Another research, this one from Yale, found that diabetics can reduce their insulin dependency by losing excess weight!!

Now, which one makes more sense- a lifetime of medications, or a natural wellness approach?

Natural Wellness News On Crawl-Mobile

They just "discovered" that a restricted calorie diet is conducive to a longer and heathier life. But, there is a little problem:
This news is not new!
In fact, this news is about 3,000 years late!
That's how long Yogis and "Native Cultures" have been teaching this "new discovery!!."

Allopathic medicine (Conventional Medicine) has made significant strides, and when it comes to trauma, it has no equal.

But the same medical system is also too expensive, and some of the side effects are far worse than the diseases they are supposed to treat.

Not only that, it is arrogant and dismissive of other alternative medical systems. And the more removed a health system is from 'Western Medicine', the more ridicule is heaped on it.
But things are changing, if only gradually.

Take Tai Chi for example: Tai Chi is a Martial Arts System developed in the 12th century by a Chinese Taoist monk named, Cheng San Feng. He got the inspriration for this system, by watching the movements of animals. Can we enhance our health by watching nature?

Holistic Healing Through Watching Nature

Well, consider this, would you believe when animals are sick, they tend not to eat. We humans have found that occassioal fasting can actually enhance our health. Isn't that incredible? Achieving natural wellness by watching nature!

Anyway, according to scientific research, Tai Chi reduces stress, boosts the immune system, builds aerobic conditioning, is calming, and energizing at the same time.

It is gratifying to see that a system that offers such health benefits is getting more attention, especially in the West.

But it is not just Tai Chi, research is validating the benefits of other alternative healing systems too. These natural wellness systems may not have had elaborate University Labs for research, but what most of them do have, is centuries of field experience.

You see, observing an experiment in a petri dish in a fancy medical lab is no guarantee that the same results would be obtained in the field. And what some natural wellness therapies have, is field experience, because of centuries of testing.

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Natural Wellness Options Going Mainstream?

Making Natural Wellness Choices...

Look at the lotion and other "beauty products" in your house. Does it have something called-
Propelene Glycol?
You might be interested to know that Propylene Glycol is the main ingredient in Anti-freeze and brake fluid! This product has been linked to kidney damage, breakdown of skin structure and even brain problems.

More and more, conventiontal medicine is starting to tap into some of the old age wisdom of these natural wellness systems.

We applaud the caution of conventional medicine in wanting to document the safety and efficacy of these systems, but we frown on its narrow-mindedness and arrogance.

Why? Because, we suspect some of the hostility stems, not from safety concerns, but from fear of competition and loss of monopoly.

Remember some years ago when the US Congress tried to restrict natural wellness choices by trying to classify some supplements as drugs? Well, their efforts did not succeed:



  1. Because of loud outcry from ordinary folks
  2. And because of the actions of some enlightened legislators

Had that bill passed, you and I could conceivably go to jail if we were caught with an ounce of ginger!

The charge...?

Possession of a controlled substance!!

Don't laugh!

That was the implication of such a bill.

See, the big drug companies are not satisfied just selling you their overpriced drugs, they also want to control any therapy-prescription drugs or natural wellness options-that the public may be showing any interest in. You've got to destroy the competition, or at least co-op it, right?

Anyway, the bill was defeated.
Calls for celebration, right?


Because, in a directive that became law in 2005, the European Parliament severely restricted natural wellness options for its citizens. It passed a legislation that classified some supplements and herbs as drugs.

As such, you and I can no longer buy them at the corner health food store - at least not in Europe.

This list includes Selenium, a mineral found in pumpkin seeds, brewer's yeast and a host of other normal foods such as nuts.

Selenium is a very important mineral that had been shown to reduce the risk of prostate, lung, colon and rectal cancer (Science News, Jan 4,1997). It also reduces a person's risk of heart diseases.

And for men, Selenium is even more important. A large proportion of a man's selenium is in his sperm store. Selenium is so important to our health, that even the FDA grudginly acknowledged its importance.

Here is what the FDA said:

"Selenium may reduce the risk of certain cancers. Some scientific evidence suggests that consumption of selenium may reduce the risk of certain forms of cancer. However, evidence is limited, and not conclusive."

That kind of comment, about a natural wellness option as having a therapuetic benefit-not a drug-is about the best you can ever get from the FDA

So, you say to yourself, I don't live in Europe...

Well, maybe not...  But remember these drug companies have global operations. And you can bet your last penny that they'll try to export this European model to other countries.

Your natural wellness Options Co-opted

Would you believe there was a time when the drug companies could not directly advertise to consumers; when natural wellness was more mainstream, and most medicines came from real plants?

Well, that time is long gone. Today they'll deliver their ads to your desktop, your e-mail, your i-phone, your i-pod or any kind of pod you may have.

Listen to an ad one company had the gall to put out for their cholesterol-lowering drug(I won't mention their name).

After touting the virtues of their drug, there was a disclaimer statement at the bottom of the ad -in fine print of course- saying in effect, that taking this drug has not been shown to reduce the risk of heart attack or stroke!

Wait a minute! Hold the pill-box right there!!

I thought that was the whole idea:
Lower your cholesterol, to reduce the risk of Cardiovascular diseases! You would think the authorities would not allow this kind of Orwellian wiggle-speak. But you would be dead wrong!

If there are safer, cheaper, alternative therapies, don't expect the big drug companies to tell you, especially if they are natural options.




What is the implication of that?

It means:
  1. If they are natural, no one can patent them
  2. If you cannot patent them, you cannot maintain a monopoly on it
  3. If nobody can maintain a monopoly on it, no one can sell them for outrageous prices- because competition would drive down the price.




Don't worry -- your e-mail address is totally secure.
I promise to use it only to send you Non-toxic Living Choice.

Welcome to a life of Natural Wellness. And your rewards could possibly be:

  1. A Healthier, longer life
  2. Protection against age-related diseases
  3. Youthful aging etc.

Here's wishing you and your loved ones, Good Health.

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natural wellness choices in their lives-they will thank you for it.


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