Get six pack abs, a flat belly
sexy legs, toned arms, lose love handles
...all without straining your neck OR
hurting your back

Is six pack abs something others have that you can't?

The truth is that everyone, regardless of what shape he/she is in, can get in good shape. Your ab muscles are just hidden under a layer of fat

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The challenge is to lose tummy fat so those abs muscles can show

And what does that tell us?

It tells us that getting six pack abs does not require some gimmicks or pills that can be unhealthy anyway

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You've done a hundred sit-ups, you watch what you eat-and you still can't seem to lose stomach fat

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What you need to do is lose fat and gain lean
muscle mass

And having decided to get in shape, what is the best
abs workout machine?
Or do you even need a machine at all?

Can you work a good home abs workout program that
is effective-dispensing with a machine altogether?

These are the questions you have to answer, if you want
an effective program

Ab workouts and battle of the sexes?

Should ab work outs for men be different from ab work outs for women?

Some say they should be, some say they shouldn't, since both sexes aim for the same goal

But it is a mistake to just do those ab workouts that you think will make you lose abdominal fat only.
This will be the wrong approach, since there hardly are any ab workouts that tone ab muscles to the exclusion of other muscles anyway.

Getting six pack abs requires working the whole body. The best ab workouts, work other parts of the body.

You have to:

  1. Lose belly fat
  2. Lose love handles to achieve a trim, sexy waist
  3. Tone sagging skin
  4. Trim and shape your legs
  5. Develop the perfect buttsexy rear end: {yes it can be done}
  6. A fat belly is very dangerous to health. A fat belly is a major risk for early death, stroke, heart disease, diabetes etc.

Six pack abs look good only on a body that is proportional all over
Six pack abs on fat legs and puny chest will not look good, will it?
Neither will sagging skin on the arms make even the best abs, look good

When you get in shape all over, that's when you look really good

But losing belly fat and toning the body is not just about pounding iron. It also involves good nutrition and the right mindset

What's genes' got to do with it?

Have you heard that to get a flat belly, you've got to have the right genes?
According to this theory, some people can get six pack abs, AND SOME unlucky ones can't, on account of the genes they inherited from their parents.

Well, don't you believe it; a good workout program can get any one toned ab muscles, regardless of who their parents are.

Sure, some people may have larger frames than others, but even people with large frames can get ripped
It's a matter of lifestyle and personal effort

If you chain smoke, live on staples of donuts and pork chops, drink to excess, you can not blame genetics if your stomach now hangs on your knees.
You could, but you know you're just passing the buck

Nutrition and six pack abs

One thing you really want to avoid is refined carbohydrates. These are hard to digest, and can cause fatigue. Refined carbohydrates will deposit fat around your stomach, making it extremely hard to lose belly fat

The body has to secret excess insulin to deal with too much carbohydrates. Too much insulin pre-disposes you to diabetes

Not only that, too much carbohydrates makes your body acidic.

Body acidity can trigger a heart attack, and can make you susceptible to infections, and diseases such as cancer. The body should be slightly alkaline.

The choice of fruits and vegetables will help you get a flat belly. The fiber in these groups of nutrients help in elimination of wastes and fat from the digestive system. The enzymes help in digestion so your body can get the best of what it needs for you to get your cherished six pack abs.

The anti-oxidants in them help the body neutralize free radicals. Free radicals are generated more when you exercise

The vitamins, minerals, and amino acids in fruits and vegetables help you burn fat and build muscles

Fruits and vegetables make your body more alkaline, thus improving your health

Here are other food items that can help you get six pack abs...

  1. Protein, preferably from plants-because the body can easily digest and use them-what biologists call, bio-availability. Protein are the building blocks of those muscles you're trying to build
  2. Fatty acids are the good oils that have been proved to be beneficial for heart health, brain health, and that help lower bad cholesterol, and help combat inflammation
  3. To accelerate developing six pack abs, the best workouts have to be combined with healthy eating

    The right way to do things

    Exercises benefit health in general, but exercises can also hurt you if you do not know what you are doing.
    Injuries from the wrong exercises, or even the right exercises done wrong, can cause serious injuries. This is where the right instructions are very critical

    1. Should you diet, and if so, which diet?
    2. Should you do cardio, and how much of it shoud you do?
    3. How about weight training, how much is enough?
    4. How often should you workout and for how long?

    Getting six pack abs requires answers to these questions, and this best ab workouts do that

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