Would you consider a weight loss pill that has serious side effects a safe fat burning formula?

Coming up with a weight loss pill that can secure Food and Drug Administration {FDA} approval has been an obsession with drug manufacturers

Obesity has become a public health hazard.
Which is why there is fierce competition to be the first in this very lucrative market

Any weight loss pill that's the first to get this approval, is set to rake in billions of dollars in profits

The promise of a weight loss pill is a fraud!

As I always repeat like a broken record...

Nature will not yield anything without effort.
And I don't care who makes you any promise to the contrary!

But for more than a decade, no weight loss drug has been able to secure FDA approval

Until Now, that is!

The FDA now seems to be impressed enough to give approval to Belviq [aka lorcaserin]

But its use is restricted to those who are obese or overweight with health problems such as diabetes or high cholesteterol

This approval comes even when all clinical data are not yet in-the FDA still requires Arena Pharmaceutical, Belriq manufacturer-to conduct more clinical trials while their weight loss pill is in the market place

Belviq works by triggering feelings of satiety-that is, it makes your brain tell your body that you're full earlier than you normally would

This it does by activating Serotonin, a brain chemical that lets your brain know when you're satisfied

You would remember that this is the same weight loss pill that was rejected on safety grounds by the same FDA in 2010.
It's now 2012, and the drug with "more data submitted" by Arena, gains approval

Which brings up very important questions in light of these new data-namely

  1. How safe is this drug?
  2. How effective is it?

For decades, drug manfacturers have failed to come up with a safe weight loss pill-and it's not because they haven't tried

The serious side effects of these pills are the reasons for FDA reluctance to grant approval

Now comes Belviq, a weight loss drug-at least as far as the manufacturer is concerned-with a not so polished reputation; and that's being polite.

But is it safe?

Well, it depends on who you ask.
The manfacturer says it is, and would point to FDA's approval as proof.

But FDA approval is no proof a drug is safe.
Drugs are routinely recalled. These were once approved by the same agency that eventually recalls them!

And over the years, several weight loss drugs have been recalled

But if you ask those who would be taking this weight loss pill, you may get a different answer

The side effects of this drug include:

  1. Headache
  2. Dizziness
  3. Fatique
  4. Nausea
  5. Dry mouth
  6. Constipation

Animal studies have also shown a risk of brain and breast tumors for this drug

Now, in light of these side effects-and that's what we know now, we don't know the consequences of long term use-would you take this drug?

This is the problem with the drug approach to weight loss

Those who do not want to do the work that weight loss requires, might be seduced by the promise of a magic pill

But there is a reason there hasn't been a safe weight loss drug even though drug companeis have tried for more than six decades!

The body is very smart. Trying to manipulate its biological pathways can trigger unexpected reactions

It has evolved these biological pathways over eons.

We cannot beat the body at its own game. Nature has several milllion years head start.

Trying to manipulate these pathways with synthetic drugs, is why these drugs have serious side effects worse than the disease

A weight loss pill, in all probability, will NOT do the trick-it hasn't so far, and it's not because the drug companies haven't tried; they have-for more than 60 years!

To successfully lose weight, the best approach is NOT to trick the body, hoping to bend it to our will.

The best approach is to co-operate with the body.

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Judging from the history of weight loss pills, I won't be surprised, if in a few years down the road, we are talking about this weight loss drug in less than flattering terms

Why do I think like that?

Well, the same neurotransmitter this weight loss pill hopes to manipulate is the same one responsible for our moods.

If this drug artificially manipulates this brain chemical, is it far-fetched to speculate that it could:

  1. Alter our moods
  2. Make us have weird thoughts-suicidal thoughts, for instance
  3. Pre-dispose to depression?

What do you think?

Go here to voice your opinion, and comment on this and other aspect of weight loss, or just join the discussion with other forum members

Anyway, Is this drug effective?

What are the results of testing of this drug?

How effective would you consider a weight loss pill tha's hardly more effective than a placebo?

COnsider this...

50% of those on Belviq lost 5% of body weight as compared to 23% of those taking placebo-over a 1 year period!

5% of body weight?
Now, let's put that in perspective

That means a person who weighs, say, 250Ib at the start of a weight loss program, would have lost only 12.5Ib over a one year period on this weight loss pill

That kind of puny weight loss could be achieved by just taking a walk 3 times a week or taking the stairs instead of the elevator.
And this does not cost a dime either

Heck, one man lost 178Ib in one year on the television show Extreme Body Make over-in one year-without the risk of drugs!!

When it comes to losing weight, there is no substitute for discipline and healthy lifestyle choices, regardless of the results of clinical trials of designer drugs

Obesity, for the most part, is a disease of excesses, and the solution lies in curbing those excesses.

No weight loss pill can do that for us. We have to do that for ourselves

Keys to losing weight safely and permanently

We do not need any chemical concoction to lose weight

Maintaining an ideal weight is a lifestyle that no weight pill can confer on us

It is the result of so many choices-choices that should enhance our health instead of undermining it

Want to lose weight?

Forget any chemical soup. Concentrate instead on your lifestyle

  • Do you get enough sleep?
  • Do you drink enough water? It sounds simple, but intake of adequate amount of water can help in your weight loss and general health
  • Do you drink sodas all day? Sodas and all other sugared drinks are some of the most unhealthy products you can ingest. The high sugar content would put weight on you and predispose you to type II diabetes
  • Do you eat enough fruits and vegetables? Apart from supplying vitamins and minerals, these also supply enzymes and fiber that help in digestion and elimination of wastes from your system
  • If you're a couch potato, it will be be hard for you to lose weight. Exercises help in metabolism, fight fatigue and elevate moods. Exercises also help you sleep better. And good sleep is important in a weight loss program
  • Avoid stress. Most things we fret about are actually not that important. In fact, most of what we stress about never happen. So, relax and lose weight

These are little steps within our control that no weight loss pill can give us

That control is actually good news

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