Here's how 100% pure raw yacon syrup helps you lose excess weight without crazy diet or exercises, and helps you get the body you want.

Did you know raw yacon syrup helps you lose weight without diet or exercises?

This weight loss miracle in a bottle is not just for weight loss, but its power to help people lose weight is what has been powering the buzz it has been generating lately

A low glyemic index, low calorie sweetener, yacon syrup-also known as Peruvian ground apple, satisfies your sweet tooth without affecting your blood sugar level!

yacon syrup miracle weight loss food

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A diet food?

Well, no..

But a root extract that helps you lose weight effortlessly-a dream come true for millions of people

You can call it the ultimate anti-obesity food. And you won't be exaggerating either

The science is there to back it up


Because your body does NOT treat it as sugar, that's how!

Put it in your favorite beverage-smoothie, cereal, tea, coffee. Enjoy the sweet taste and never worry about calories, sugar spike etc

AND you ARE losing weight at the same time; in fact it may be the best weight loss product to come down the pike.

Dr Oz surely thinks so

Can you use the results like the one produced by this unique weight loss product?

It sounds like cheating, but who cares, yacon syrup is straight from Mother Nature. It's not like you snatched it from some baby's mouth!!

Yacon Root Extract is a natural diet suppressant that has been shown in two clinical studies to help people lose weight. Up to two extra pounds per week.100% natural probiotic/prebiotic for digestive and liver health

A successful weight loss program certainly depends on..

  1. Good nutrition

  2. Good digestion

  3. Good metabolism

  4. Proper absorption of nutrients

  5. Proper evacuation of the bowels

These are what yacon syrup does for those who are trying to lose weight

Its low glycemic index is the reason yacon syrup is popular among diabetics and those who worry about their blood sugar levels

Does this Peruvian ground apple syrup really help you lose weight?

The question then is: Is this weight loss promise hope or hype?

Fair question, but here are the result of a test conducted by Dr Oz, involving 60 women over a 28 day period

These women were advised to take a tablespoon of yacon syrup with each meal

  • 73% of the participating women lost weight

  • There was an average waist size reduction of 1.9 inches!

  • 14 of participants lost 5lb and more

  • Total weight loss was over 150lb!

Mind you, these women lost weight on yacon syrup, without exercises, or drastically changing their dietary habits

Such impressive weight loss results will have to be duplicated in larger scientific studies, according to one of Dr Oz guest

Whisch is not to discredit these impressive results

More effective Weight Loss results

These results may be impressive, and Dr Oz is a respected physician, but I will add that any weigh loss program will be more effective with..

  1. An exercise program, however moderate
  2. A nutritious food plan that includes natural sources of..
    • Vitamins
    • Protein
    • Minerals
    • Essential Fatty acids
    • Antioxidants
    • Digestive enzymes
    • Adequate amount of sleep

But why is it generating this much buzz?

Well, consider these..

  1. Yacon syrup is an awesome digestive aid. Better digestive health is associated with good health in general, but especially for weight loss

  2. For better blood sugar management. It prevents sugar absorption in your intestine

    This is very important, not only for safe weight loss, but for good health in general. Sugar has been implicated in diseases as diverse as Heart disease, Diabetes, Depression, Brain impairment AND certainly, OBESITY

  3. A sweetener that helps you lose weight, and satisfy your sweet tooth

  4. It is a natural sweetener with low glycemic index

    This means that even though you enjoy its sweet taste, since it is NOT absorbed in your intestine, it does not spike your blood sugar level

    And since it is sweet, it is easy to take

    Talk about having your cake and eating it too

  5. Yacon syrup boosts metabolism. This means that it helps your body burn food more efficiently. More energy is liberated from the food you eat and consequently, you eat less

  6. For good liver health. The liver is the detoxifying factory of the body.

    Believe it or not, a toxic body is the reason a lot of people cannot lose weight. The liver also regulates fat metabolism, an important factor in a successful fat burning program

  7. For overall good health

  8. It is a low calorie food.
    To lose weight, you have to eat less calorie than you burn. This is just simple mathematics!

  9. It is a high fiber food. Fiber is required for good digestion and elimination of wastes from the digestive system

  10. For healthy digestive system, on account of its prebiotic and probiotic factors. Good digestion is dependent on the activity of digestive enzymes and a healthy colon

    Helping your body cultivate a healthy intestinal flora, is another great way yacon syrup helps you lose weight safely

  11. Better bowel evacuation on account of its fiber content

  12. Boosts the immune system. The immune system is closely tied to the health of the digestive system

Natural weight loss and more

With these features, it is not hard to see why this is the most powerful weight loss diet food, and a general health booster to boot.

But this list by no means exhausts the health benefits of raw yacon syrup

Everywhere you turn, discussions about this latest weight loss discovery pops up. Except, it is NOT a new discovery

This is especially so, since Dr Oz mentioned it as a nutritional powerhouse..
as a weight loss miracle, in one of his shows

And you and I know when such things happen, everyone and his mother, will be trying to cash in, with some even going so far as to imply that they are somehow connected to Dr Oz, just to boost their credibility!


What is yacon, anyway?

yacon super food

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The high buzz it is generating, is as great-and I predict will be greater-than that of that other nutritional and weight loss powerhouse...
green coffee bean extract

Yacon syrup is from the South American Yacon plant

Native to Northern and Central Andes, the Yacon plant is a powerhouse of nutrients

With a generous amount of Inulin and Fruictooligosaccharides [FOS], this tuberous plant is highly priced as a weight loss food and a digestive aid.

The syrup is derived from the tubers

What is Inulin?

Inulin is a polysaccharide. It is an ordoless and colorless substance. These characteristics are very beneficial when it is used in foods, as it will not change either the color or aroma of the foods it is added to

Not only that, because it passes through human alimentary canal, virtually undigested, it does not increase blood sugar level, making it the ideal sweetener for diabetics and dieters

These characteristics are what also make yacon syrup unique among weight loss products

Discovered in 1804 by Valentin Rose-a German scientist, Inulin is a sweet tasting carbohydrate

Weight loss, Inulin and Dietary Fiber

Inulin is indigestible by human digestive system

These add up to a substance that make yacon syrup

  1. A low calorie product
  2. A product that supplies energy
  3. A product that supplies beneficial dietary fiber
  4. A low glycemic index weight loss product that can be used by even diabetics to lose weight

Inulin is prebiotic-meaning it promotes the growth of friendly intestinal bacteria

Digestive health, Weight loss and Immunity

Most part of immune health, and good health in general, depends on a healthy digestive system.

You would think yacon syrup is a new discovery; IT IS NOT!

In fact, the use of yacon plant-botanical name, Smallanthus sonchifolius, dates back centuries. And it's use is NOT limited to its syrup either. The syrup is just one of the useful nutritional and therapeutic products derived from the plant

Other natural sources of Inulin

  • Jerusalem Artichoke
  • Agave
  • Banana
  • Chicory
  • Garlic
  • onion
  • Dandelion

Apart from the roots, the leaves are packed with nutrients too

Benefits of Yacon plant leaves

The yacon leaves can be made into a tea

Yacon leaves have a generous amount of Chlorogenic Acid

You would remember that what makes Green Coffee Bean Extract an awesome weight loss product, is the presence of Chlorogenic acid

Other beneficial substances in the plant make it useful as a strong antioxidant and in general nutrition

Oxidative damage has been implicated as the major culprit in..

  • Premature aging

  • Wrinkles

  • Heart disease

  • Brain impairment

Antioxidants neutralize free radicals that would otherwise wreak havoc on your health

How does raw yacon syrup help you lose weight and help you get the body you want?

  • It boosts your metabolism. This is the key to burning more calories. Burning more calories achieves some major goals.
  • First, you extract more energy from the food you eat, You eat less, You are not fatiqued-which is a problem in some weight loss programs
  • It reduces your food cravings
  • Yacon syrup helps you cultivate better intestinal flora. This is important for Better digestion, Better absorption of nutrients, Better elimination of wastes

Yacon syrup against Candida

But, maybe the most important aspect of cultivating a healthy intestinal flora, is keeping yeast at a healthy level

Beneficial intestinal bacteria prevent yeast from proliferating, thus preventing candida

Too much yeast/candida is why some people can't lose weight
Not only that, yeast infection can result in-and mimics-many other diseases

Hunger Overeating and Ghrelin

Yacon syrup helps curb your appetite

This it does by lowering the level of the hunger hormone, GHRELIN-according to Dr Oz

It helps control insulin levels

You thus get full faster.

The body monitors how much food is in your stomach.
Your body also knows when your hunger is satiated

When that happens, a signal goes to your brain to tell it that you're full, and the hunger hormone is turned off..


All other things being equal, you should stop eating

The ultimate anti-obesity food

Obesity is a now a world wide epedemic. You don't need me to tell you that

Weight loss products are so numerous, you calculator might crash if you try to count them

In spite of these many weight loss programs, people are more overweight than ever

What does that tell you?

It tells you that these programs do not work

Now comes yacon syrup, a miracle weight loss product, that has been proved to do what others have not been able to do-that is help you lose weight without dieting or exercises

Sounds too good to be true


Here again is a recap of what the Peruvian ground apple syrup can do for your weight loss effort

  • It is a low glycemic index food-helping you regulate blood sugar level

  • Yacon syrup boosts your metabolism, helping you burn more calories, and liberate more energy from your food

  • It helps curb your appetite

  • Greatly improves digestive health with its content of prebiotic and probiotic enzymes

  • Low calorie

  • Helps cultivate healthy intestinal flora, and more, helping digestion, boosting your immunity and improving your overall health

  • Helps you lose weight safely without dieting or exercises!

BUY yacon syrup, the ultimate anti-obesity food right here

And be sure to tell your friends; they'll thank you for it too

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