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Sugar Substitute Can Give You Cancer
July 15, 2023

This Sweetener Could Give You Cancer

My last email to you introduced you to the health risks of Sucralose

But Sucralose is just 1 of the members of this bad boys club
And Members of this club are bent on destroying your health

Now let us meet another member of this Hall Of Shame club..


Never heard of it?

It's more likely you've been consuming Aspartame, maybe for years

It is in your

  • Foods
  • Medications
  • Toothpastes
  • Ice creams
  • Sugar free
  • “no sugar added” products
  • baked goods
  • chewing gum
  • Sodas
  • Yogurts etc

Aspartame was/is marketed as a sugar substitute..
a zero calorie sweetener

It's supposed to prevent weight gain, hence its use in some diet foods

But compared to Aspartame, sugar comes out as an Altar Boy..

and refined sugar is bad enough!

We are now told that Aspartame is a "POSSIBLE CARCINOGEN!"

It is a "POSSIBLE" Cancer Causing Agent

Unfortunately you've been consuming it for years

Here is the problem with this report though
It is many YEARS late

I am NOT a doctor


I have been sounding the alarm about the dangers of Aspartame for years

I have a personal experience with Aspartame

A few years ago I had a little health incident
I was irregular for a couple of days

My woman told me to take the Psyllium we had in the house

But you know us men-we are hard headed

I insisted on going to the hospital

Surprise, surprise

The hospital prescribed..


But that's not the end of the story
The Psyllium from the hosputal contained Aspartame

What is Aspartame doing in a medication

Well, you could imagine how much fun my boys and their mother had at my expense/p>

Oh I threw the medication in the trash


Here is the back story to Aspartame

Did you know that ASPARTAME was rejected 16 CONSECUTIVE TIMES BY THE FDA!


The FDA of that time considered it unsafe for human consumption

So how did Aspartame end up in your foods and medications?

You have the Reagan Administration to thank for that

You see, Donald Rumsfeld, Reagan's Defense Secretary was the former CEO of G D Searle, the manufacturer of Aspartame

Remember the FDA rejected Aspartame 16 consecutive times


The FDA was "manipulated" to approve Aspartame anyway

And it's been hell since then

That's why you need to open the e-mail I send you

Because in 1 of my past emails, I warned about the health risks of Aspartame

I also warned a while ago about the risks Cholesterol drugs pose to your health

Here is an unbelievable report

This report says that Too Low Bad Cholesterol Can Give You A Stroke!



Make sure you open the email I send you for more surprises

They could save your life

Till next time..

This is TJ saying..

Take care of YOUR Health

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