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Diabetes-more dangerous than you think
August 24, 2021

Can You Reverse Diabetes


It is now a worldwide problem
And it is more dangerous than you think

According to Sciencealert, about 400 million world wide suffer from diabetes

But the figure is definitely higher-very much higher
In fact I suspect the number may be 2x as high

Why do I think so

Well, a lot of people who suffer from diabetes or pre-diabetes do NOT know it!

When I was growing up diabetes was almost unknown
Today diabetes has exploded world wide

What happened?


  • Obesity has exploded wirldwide
  • Poor diet is the norm even in countries that can afford good food
  • Television and computers glue children and adults to their chairs, snacking on doritos and french fries

To address this drug companies have come up with-what else-DRUGS

You see people on TV celebrating lowering their A1C

Some people have some exotic looking devices permanently stuck to their arms


Is diabetes a sugar problem?

Can Diabetes be reversed?

The answer to that question could surprise you

Watch this Video

Till next time..

This is TJ saying..

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