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Climate Change will affect your health whether you believe in it or not
October 24, 2021

Climate Change Can Destroy Your Health

How will climate change affect you?

For some, climate change is a topic for academics and bookworms
But if you are alive, you better be concerned by climate change

Sure there are some who deny climate change
But if you look around you, if you pay the least attention you can see that climate change is already here
And it affects you directly

Here are some of the ways climate change would affect everyone

  • Food production
  • Population displacement as more people move from one place to the other in search of resources
  • Water Resources
  • More wars as more powerful nations exploit weaker ones for scarce resources
  • Depleted level of atmospheric oxygen as we destroy the forests on the planet
  • Lack of oxygen would result in more diseases
  • Greater demand for health care as a result of these diseases etc



These are already happening!

Have you noticed the rise in food prices lately?

Well, food prices-and its supply, would be affected greatly by climate change

In some places on the planet, seasons are either getting shorter or longer
This will affect planting and harvesting seasons

Food plants require some climate conditions to produce the foods we eat

The change in climate is also a factor in the health of bee populations

Migration of bees, insects and birds that help pollinate food plants have been disrupted

It is now big business to transport bees from one place to another during pollination season where bee populations have been depleted

I know you might not bother to think about all these because they seem abstract-that's for geeks to worry about
But you better start worrying about all this because it is going to affect you big time

Consider the Coronavirus pandemic for instance

If you think this is the last pandemic, think again

Consider this report that found that a virus frozen in ice for 30,000 years woke up when the ice melted

How many of these ancient viruses would wake up when the ice they had been encrusted in for thousand of years melt?

And suppose these are disease causing viruses..

Can you imagine how may people they would kill before we find a cure..

if we find one at all!

Remember, the Coronavirus is still with us

Oh, by the way, here is how you can reduce your risk of Covid-19

I am putting together a little info book on the impact of climate change on everyone on earth
You'll get a free copy when it is ready

  • It does not matter where you live
  • Climate change would affect you
  • You can deny it all you want

Till next time

This is TJ saying..

Take care of your health

It is your most precious asset!

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