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Do you drink coffee?
July 04, 2021

Coffee is Good Coffee is Bad for Diabetes

Coffee decreases your risk of diabetes

Coffee increases your risk of diabetes

You know I've lost my marbles, right?

But let's see if I am still sane

Research found that drinking coffee could reduce your risks of diabetes

At the same time it has also been found that Caffeine increases your blood glucose level

As reported from this research caffeine makes it more difficult for diabetics to keep their blood glucose at a healthy level

So should people only drink decaffeinated coffee if they drink coffee at all

This small research seems to suggest that

But if and when people only drink decaffeinated coffee, in a lot of cases, their coffee is loaded with other substances that seem to offset any benefit decaffeinated coffee confers

Unfortunately, diabetes has now become a world wide health threat

And expert are sure our unhealthy diet is to blame

1 of the methods suggested for controlling diabetes is intermittent fasting

Another method to stave off diabetes..

Vitamin D supplementation

Here is why you should be concerned about diabetes apart from all other common risks

Did you you know that diabetes increases your risks of Cancer

OK, I know you'd think this is a joke..
but research found that shorter people are at a higher risks of type 2 diabetes!

But if you are really concerned about diabetes-and you should be..
watch this Diabetes Reversal Video

It could save your life or that of a loved one

Till next time..

This is TJ saying..

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