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Coronavirus Update
April 12, 2020

Coronavirus Update

It's a trying time for everyone-all over the world

Remember in my last mailing I told you about a pandemic almost a century ago..
And how some members of a particular profession did not get infected?

Well, I am writing the paper

It will be ready for download in a few days
I'll let you know when it is

Now that we are all at home..
There seems to be nothing to do

But this is the time to do things you had always wanted to do..

  • Learning a new language
  • Catching up on your reading list
  • Plan on how to bounce back financially after we are released from this "House Arrest"
  • Lay the groundwork on how to cope with, and survive the next pandemic
  • Here is the point:

    I don't know about you
    But I do not have a few hundred thousand dollars socked away in case of another crisis like the one we are in today

    Everyone is afraid of running out of resources

    And experts are telling us, there is no guarantee that this kind of pandemic will not happen again
    In fact, there is a high possibility it will!

    The severity of the next pandemic-in terms of health and financial survival, would depend on how prepared we are today!

    Remember Ebola, H1N1 etc?

    So this may be a good time to start planning

    Well, I have a Video-actually 2, I would like to share with you today

    Here is the first Video

    And here is the second video

    Go watch them and see what you think

    That anti virus report will be ready for download shortly

    Till next time..

    This is TJ saying..

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