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Covid-19 Could Make You Impotent
May 16, 2021

Covid-19 Infection Could Make You Impotent

Covid-19 Could Make You Impotent

Knowledge is power is a common saying
But some knowledge could be disheartening

Take the new knowledge about Covid-19
As if the news is not bad enough, research now says that men who have had Covid-19 are more likely to suffer Erectile Dysfunction

How is this so, you ask?

Well, let us look at the effects of Covid-19 on the body-even when you survived it

Did you know that your heart is more involved in penile erection than you realize?

The arteries in your penis have to be engorged with blood to be turgid enough for a sustained erection

The pressure for this to happen is supplied by your heart
So your hard erection is dependent on a few factors

  • A healthy heart
  • Healthy penile arteries

A damaged heart or arteries whether the cause is congenital, or from a disease could potentially contribute to erectile dysfunction

Unfortunately, one of the effects of Covid-19 is serious inflammation all over the body
This inflammation is especially pronounced in the heart and its muscles

This damage also extend to the arteries in the penis
As such a damaged heart and compromised penis arteries can cause serious erectile dysfunction problems

Here is demonstrated proof that COvid-19 infection is a risk factor for Erectile Dysfunction

Here is another fact..
Erectile Dysfunction may be a warning sign of an impending heart attack!

Are you always in the mood?
Well, sex-good sex that is-requires you to be in the mood
Covid-19 causes foul mood, as expected with any serious disease

A foul mood is not the best situation for good sex

Covid-19 infection can cause depression

Depression is a risk factor for erectile dysfunction
Depression could also cause sleep deprivation
Sleep deprivation is a major risk for erectile dysfunction

Covid-19 infection is thus a risk for weak erection through many channels

Unfortunately, this Virus is still infecting so many people
And we are NOT even sure how long immunity from available Vaccines would last

While I do not have the treatment for Covid-19, my advice is that you get vaccinated against Covid-19 and encourage those you know to do the same

But IF you suffer from ED, take a look at this Natural ED Solution

Till next time..

This is TJ saying..

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