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Covid-19; Don't let it Disrupt Your Life
December 09, 2020

Would You Let Covid-19 Disrupt Your Life?

Covid19-Would it Dictate How You Live?

There is a dangerous Corona virus surge all over the country..
in fact, all over the world!

There are roving stay home orders being issued in most States

If you are like most, you are bored, stressed out
Your children are bored, nervous; they can't go to school
They can't go outside and play, they miss their friends

Sure, there are online lessons for these kids, but only IF you live in areas where they are available

What to do?

Well, here is a program I found for parents and kids

It's a way for children to keep learning even when they are not in school
It's a way for you to give your child a head start in reading and writing

How good is this Early Head Start Program?


How would you like your child to be able to read as soon as s/he could talk?

That would be awesome won't it?

Research had found that this kind of early start gives your child at least a 2 year leap in school over his/her peers

But this program is not just for toddlers
If you have a child 3-14, this is the program to give him/her a head start in life..

..and/or finally give them the skills they need to advance in school

Here is the link to this Head start Program

Till next time..

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