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Europe Warns the US
October 16, 2022

Europe Warns the United States

Have you heard the news

Europe issued a warning to the United States

Sometime ago the govt. in the US declared the Covid 19 Pandemic over

Europe is saying, not so fast
In fact Covid 19 is actually surging in Europe-hence that warning to the US NOT to let its guard down

Here is a post from Huffington Post that advised people to "..keep protecting yourself and others from COVID-19 infections"

But Covid is not the only danger to your health

Climate change would unleash some germs, viruses and other infectious diseases as floods, hurricanes etc. dislodge some dormant infectious germs from where they have been dormant for centuries

As man encroaches on animal habitats in the quest for profits, animal viruses and germs would jump to humans and wreak havoc on our health

Climate change is now unleashing hurricanes, floods, tsunamis across the globe

The result?

  • Population displacement
  • Lower food production
  • Political instability..etc.

..these would cause social problems

Sounds alarmist?

Well, some times the truth can sound alarmist

So how do you protect your health?

Because when these disasters happen, help will NOT be on the way-at least not in time- as the hurricanes in Puerto Rico and Florida had sadly shown us

Europe issued warning to the US, not to think it's out out of the woods

In fact, we may not ever be out of the woods as new mutations of various germs, viruses and bacteria compete to do us harm

Remember Covid killed more than 1 million Americans..

AND.. has NOT gone away

Covid also caused a long lock down
This kind of lock down will definitely happen in the future

You need to be prepared for times when help may not arrive for days from authorities

You need to boost your immunity against infections..
remember a lot of people who were infected with Covid recovered

Sadly, some died!

You need to be prepared to survive emergencies for days, weeks even

Emergency foods and water that could last a long time without refrigeration

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