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Everyone Needs To Know this I know You'll be Excited
December 18, 2022

Everyone Needs to Know This-especially YOU

This is a little departure from the tone of this Newsletter

It is so important I decided to digress a little bit from its regular theme

Unless you've been living on Mars, you know about the turmoil on Twitter

With all the..

  • Jostling for power
  • Account suspensions
  • Account restorations
  • Accusations and denials all over the place

It's tiring and confusing to say the least

Now, here is something I want you to realize..

These Social Platforms-Facebook, Twitter, TikTok etc., DO NOT Produce ANY Content!



They DO NOT share a penny of that revenue with YOU or me

Now, think about that for a minute

We-you and me, give them the power they have

But the game is changing..
in fact, the game has changed!

There is a new Platform in town, founded by Twitter's former employees

And, get this..

This platform WILL PAY you for YOUR content!

Are you excited yet?


Go reserve your handle in this New Awesome Social Platform before someone else does

Go Reserve Your Handle Now

Click the links

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This is TJ saying..

Take care of your health

It is your most precious asset!

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