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The FDA and Your Health-why you should pay attention
September 15, 2019

FDA and Your health-what You need to know

The FDA affects your health in ways you may not realize

I want to talk about a few things today

These have to do with your health and the FDA..
Specifically, how FDA regulation of drugs affects your health

FDA and Your Sex Drive

Take for instance the case of Addyi, aka Female Viagra

I wrote a post a while ago about why the FDA should NOT have approved Addyi

Addyi also known as Flibanserin is a product of Sprout Pharmaceuticals, to treat what has been called Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD)

Hey, every condition needs a syndrome
Sounds impressive, but female sexuality is more complicated than that of men

It turns out that Addyi has serious side effects:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Dizziness
  • Fatigue etc.

The FDA was so concerned about the side effects of Addyi that it required safety label box warning
Read the details in the link above

Anyway, would you believe there is a natural way to increase female sex drive

But here is something that is even more puzzling about the FDA approval of this drug
This "Female Viagra" barely beat a placebo in clinical tests!

Which leads to the question

Why would the FDA approve these products?

It is the same question I have about the approval of Testosterone Replacement Therapy drugs by the FDA..
..especially when there is a natural way to help your body naturally increase its own testosterone production!

FDA Approved Vyleesi

And won't you know it, the FDA approved yet another female libido drug

And you guessed it..
..this one also comes with very serious side effects too

I'll be writing about Vyleesi in the future
I'll let you know when I do

Here is another thing I want to talk about

See this report about a contaminated Ponds Cream
Another case of your health and the FDA

A woman was paralyzed by using a popular beauty product

This is my question..

Why are people using these dangerous products when there are natural vegan skin care products that are safe?

Unfortunately these natural products are not the ones that make the loud noises on television

BUT, they do exist and they can enhance your health.. ..and they cost less to boot!

The Healthy Ones
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