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Antacids Can Cause Serious Internal Bleeding-Warns the FDA
June 07, 2016

FDA warns Antacids Can Cause Serious Internal Bleeding


Do you take antacids?

Or aspirin for that matter?

An FDA advisory now warns the public about the bleeding risks of antacids

It has been known for a long time that Aspirin can cause internal bleeding
So can Ibuprofen

These NSAID [Non steroidal Anti-inflammation Drugs] are routinely included in your favorite antacids

Unfortunately a lot of people pop these antacids into their mouths like candy
Instead of watching what they eat, they rely on these antacids to relieve their stomach distress

Aspirin can cause internal bleeding

Long term use of Aspirin can cause erectile dysfunction

This same Aspirin is included in a lot of antacids, according to the FDA
These include Medique Medi Seltzer, Picot Plus Effervescent, Vida Mia, Alka-Seltzer etc

This new FDA directive is now warning antacid users of the risks of internal bleeding

Is your stomach on fire every time you eat?

If your stomach catches on fire every time some food hits it you need to watch your lifestyle.
You need to especially watch your diet

A diet devoid of fresh fruits, vegetables, and nutrients can only lead to ill health

No pill, prescribed or over the counter, can remedy an unhealthy lifestyle

The drug to overcome this kind of poor diet has not been invented yet.

And it never will!

A lifestyle of sleep deprivation would also cause stomach distress and over all poor health!

Maybe you can't consume a basket of broccoli or 10 bunches of spinach, but there is a way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet

The first step in the recovery from this poor diet is to heal your gut.
To heal your gut you have to eat right, sleep well and lower your stress level

An unhealthy gut is why most people pop these anti acids in the first place
That is not normal!

Your body can take care of itself..
IF you give it what it needs

Internal bleeding that these antacids can cause is a serious condition
Actually it could be fatal

  • 60% of the cells in your body are in your gut
  • 80% of your immunity is tied to your digestion
  • Poor digestion lowers your immunity

Low immunity is very serious in itself

How can you avoid the risks of internal bleeding from antacids?

Poor diet and poor digestion are responsible for fire in your stomach
That's what necessitates the taking of these antacids in the first place.

These enzymes will help balance your intestinal flora for better digestion, better absorption of nutrients, better elimination.

Heck, you might even lose weight in the process!

An unhealthy bowel is why a lot of people cannot lose weight

So reduce and eliminate your risks of internal bleeding from antacids and get healthier now

Till next time, this is Teejay saying..always make health choices


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