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Will Junk Food Tax Cure Global Obesity-Mexico and Hungary hope so!?
January 26, 2018

Mexico and Hungary think Junk Food Taxes are the Solutions to Global Obesity


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Go ahead, admit it

You eat it too!

We all know fast foods are unhealthy
But we eat them anyway-at least, sometimes

Fast food make you fat among its many unhealthy consequences

Here is a research that now says fast foods make your body reacts the same way as when you are sick

The consequences of this can be very serious
Read about this report here

The ill effects of fast foods are causing alarm all over the world..
..especially their contribution to worldwide obesity

Governments are now treating obesity as a public health hazard

To bring that fact close to home, here is a map of the obesity rate by States, in the United States

Hungary and Mexico have now instituted junk food taxes
Read it at this link

This, it is hoped would achieve 2 things:

First, higher taxes would discourage the consumption of these unhealthy foods

Secondly, the revenue generated from these taxes would be diverted to public health-especially the complications of obesity

Denmark had such taxes on the books
In fact, Denmark was the first country to institute such taxes..
that is, until it rescinded those taxes in 2012

Because the Danish people just crossed the border to get the junk foods they craved!


Danish businesses lost money

But the fat tax in Mexico and Hungary are actually working-according to reports

Consumption of junk foods have actually gone down
And Hungary have seen tax revenues from this sin taxes generate as much as $129 Million

But can behavior modification by legislative fiat be sustained long term?
Is it possible that consumption is down because people cannot afford the higher prices?

Well, time will tell

Why are we more overweight than ever before, anyway?

With all the weight loss programs at every corner, you would think we would all be as fit as a fiddle

Why can't we be?

Watch this video

See why we are so overweight!

Take care of your health-it's your most precious asset!

Till next time, I hope you'll always make non-toxic choices

Thank YOU

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