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See How this man beat Cancer without Chemo/Radiation
February 13, 2017

Is the cure for Cancer we've all been waiting for?


Here is one of my constant mantras

I always say:
There are nor incurable diseases..
There are diseases we do not know how to cure yet"

Take the case of this British man

He was given up for dead. Chemo/Radiation had been tried
No dice!

By the way, did you know Chemotherapy has a success rate lower than 10%?

Here is another thing:

Would you believe most Oncologists would NOT subject themselves or their loved ones to Chemo if they are ever diagnosed with Cancer

But these are the same doctors who have no qualms about prescribing it for YOU and your loved ones!

Now consider this:

Did you know that Chemotherapy/Radiation destroys your immune system?

Now what do you think would happen when your immune system is destroyed?
You are wide open for infection by opportunistic diseases

These infections are what kill a lot of Cancer patients, not the cancer?

Of course you won't know that because their death certificates would list cancer as the cause of death!

Anyway, back to this British man who has everyone asking:

Is this the cure for Cancer?

Chemo did him no good
Nothing worked

Doctors told him: Man, you're a walking dead
Go put your house in order because you have only a few months to live!

Then came this experimental drug trial

Hey, what had he got to lose..
He's dying anyway!
Except he didn't die



Talk about the walking dead!!

Could this be the cure for cancer?

Read the full story here

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Till next time..

This is Teejay, saying:

Always, always make non toxic choices!

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