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Can What's in Your Kitchen Damage Your Health
November 04, 2021

Your Health Is Tied to Your Kitchen

I was talking to a friend of mine a few days ago She knows I am into healthy living

She went on to brag how she switched to a healthy oil in her cooking

Guess what the healthy oil was?
That's right..

Canola Oil

I was aghast!

Imagine her reaction when I told her not to even put Canola oil in her garbage-it is that unhealthy

She was surprised

Listen, if you have this oil in your kitchen throw it away

Canola oil is NOT HEALTHY

Don't believe me?

Here is a report that found that Canola oil is linked to Dementia

Sure it may be on your supermarket shelf
But so is white bread!

Canola oil should not be in your kitchen

And there is more too

How about this research that also found Canola oil linked to Alzheimer's and weight gain

So IF you have this toxic oil in your kitchen, pour it out

Get you some extra virgin olive oil

Good health is a few right things done consistently

Poor health is a few bad things done consistently

The choice is yours

Good health is a marathon, not a single race

Till next time

This is TJ saying..

Take care of your health

It is your most precious asset!

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