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Will Humans Be Cloned
December 07, 2015

Will Humans Be Cloned By Mad Scientists?

Will humans be cloned eventually?

That's a heavy question

But there is no limit to human arrogance

Remember a few days ago the FDA approved genetically Modified Salmon

Yes, that body and some "experts" say that this Monster fish is safe

Just as many experts disagree with as much vehemence.
But we've seen this movie before haven't we?

And we know how that ended: in fact, some of those sad movies are still playing.

I am talking about the horrible side effects of drugs that the experts assured us were safe.
A lot of them are constantly being recalled.

Several lawsuits are pending against many drug manufacturers by people who had been injured by these drugs.

And now the same experts are telling us:


But that's not all

Some people suspect-with justification-that this is a slippery slope

We are being conditioned towards Genetically modified Humans!

Think I am being paranoid?
Well, just last week it was reported that Scientists are debating the idea of "Editing Human Genes."

It is for our own good, we are told:
They would edit out some diseases from showing up in babies.

But don't buy it

The question now is not: Will humans be cloned, but when? AT least they will try

Remember the promise of GMO foods?

Better yield to feed the world, right?


But here is the point of more alarm

Some time ago, there was a raging debate in Britain about..

Are ready for this..


How do you get a baby with 3 parents?

I can speculate about where all this is leading, but I don't want to waste your time

But I am going to write a more comprehensive piece about this scary attempt to play God..

I'll let you know when I finish that piece

Because the consequences can be..


..will be detrimental to human survival

Help spread the word so we can all say NO to this stupid enterprise

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