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Would Eat Synthetic Chicken
December 08, 2022

Would YOU Eat Chicken Grown In a Lab?

Will you eat synthetic chicken

Don't answer that..

at least not until we know what synthetic chicken is

The FDA just approved for human consumption, chicken grown in the lab!

How does that work you ask?


This chicken is grown in the lab from a few cells

But forget about drum sticks, there won't be any

Chicken legs?
You are out of luck

We are assured this "chicken" is..

  • Safe
  • Tastes like chicken
  • Has the same texture as regular chicken

Maybe so

Would you eat chicken grown in a lab?

When you mess with nature at a genetic level, you will eventually get bizarre results
And these consequences may not surface until decades or even centuries later

We do not live that long to see the consequences of this kind of messing with nature

Unfortunately, we might not be able to reverse these consequences when they surface

Nature has worked for thousands of years to bring us the world we have today

But in case you think this chicken thing is bizarre-and I think it is..

Consider this

This kind of approval was granted in Britain a while ago

Heck, Britain in a process that is even more bizarre, approved 3 parent babies a while ago!

How is that possible you ask

I don't know

Lab grown chicken may be coming to a supermarket near you soon
Let us hope there are labeling requirements

That way you can decide if you want these Frankenstein chicken nuggets or not

You can answer the question I posed at the beginning of this piece now

Would YOU eat Synthetic Chicken?


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