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Ants may hold the key to human survival
February 19, 2018

The antibiotic crisis-do ants have the answer?


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I don't have to tell you about the antibiotic crisis

If the government and health professionals are not sounding the alarm as loudly as they should, it's because they do not want the public to panic
Because it is that serious

A lot of bacteria have now outwitted our most powerful antibiotics
An infection that was an inconvenience could now potentially kill you

But nature has some answers

The reason we have not found these answers is because we are not asking the right questions
And we are not asking because drug companies and government agencies are more interested in profits than health for people

How else would you explain the approval of drugs that have more serious side effects than the diseases they are prescribed to treat

How else can you explain the more than 128,000 deaths a year from prescription medications?
And that's when they are used as prescribed!

Turns out there is a little help from Mother Nature herself

From ants-of all creatures

Read this incredible research at this link

But the story gets even better!

Nature has even more surprises for opportunistic germs
Turns out dirt-yes dirt, is another potential source of new powerful antibiotics

Here is the link to that research


Take care of your health-it's your most precious asset!

Till next time, I hope you'll always make non-toxic choices

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