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lAre you prepared for disasters?
August 16, 2020

Are you prepared?

The pandemic is a reality

Maybe you're stuck in the house with the kids

Maybe you lost your job

But I am willing to bet most of us were not prepared for this pandemic
In fact, it is a good bet that most of us are not prepared for any disasters..
Even now!

The best way to prepare for disasters is BEFORE they happen

And when disasters strike, help may not be on the way..

The government may not be able to help you..
Even if wants to

Your neighbors will not be able to help you
because they would be busy taking care of their own families

Right now, a lot of people are afraid to go to the hospital when they are sick..
they are scared of catching Covid-19

Disasters, whether natural or man made, will always happen!

Floods, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Fires, Pandemics etc

These are facts of life
We just do not know when they will strike or which one

Are you prepared?

Well, I have 2 videos for you today

The first video is what you and your child can do in the house in the age of pandemic

An amazing program to give your child a head start in reading and writing at home

This is a must watch video IF you have a child 2-14

This second video is disaster preparedness video

Here is how to prepare for, and survive a disasters

It could be the difference between you being able to feed your families during a disaster..

While your neighbors rummage through garbage cans!

Go Watch these amazing Videos NOW!


One more thing-as Columbo would say..

I have another video

You'd watch this video if you think your health and safety and those of your family is important

With that said, here is the 3rd video

Till next time..

This is TJ saying..

Protect yourself and your loved ones

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Heck, you can make this natural pain killer in your kitchen today

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