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Is this common food damaging your brain?
March 11, 2017

It was rejected 16 times by the FDA, but you now comesume it everyday!


This common food is killing you slowly

And you consume it daily without knowing it

Watch this video

Keep your composure though, because it is that disturbing, but the information in this video will dramatically enhance your health

"Nature is very much like a shiftless child, who, the more he is helped the more he looks for it. The more medicine a man takes the more he will have to take, whether it be anodyne, tonic, or alterative"

If you have been opening the emails I send you, you know I am passionate about health..
natural health that is.

My philosophy about life is that whatever is going to kill me will get NO help from me
But a lot of people are actively helping what is going to kill them with unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Did you know prescription medications land more than 100,000 people in the hospital every year?
And that's when used as prescribed..
And those are the ones that are even reported!

Which brings us to that quote above!

Guess where that quote came from?

It is from a book written.. are you ready for this..

In 1875!

Drug users can attest to the truth of that quote

Take this substance that was rejected by the FDA 16 consecutive times, for instance

It is in a lot of the foods you consume
It is in you drink
It is even in some of your medications
And it can destroy your health!

Why would something the FDA rejected 16 times on safety grounds end up on your dinner table?

I am talking about Aspartame.
You consume it without knowing it because it may not be labeled as such in your food!

Watch the video


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Till next time..

This is Teejay, saying:

Always, always make non toxic choices!

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