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Is you blood pressure drug one of those recalled by the FDA
October 27, 2019

Has your blood pressure drug been recalled?

I had a little scare this week
Fortunately everything turned out ok

I had to go to the emergency room
My heart was beating too fast

Turned out my pressure was up-higher than normal
The doctor prescribed some blood pressure medication

If you know me from reading the email I send you, you know I won't be taking that medicine

I was just under some stress

I figure I can normalize my blood pressure with:

  • berries
  • leafy greens
  • good sleep
  • moderate exercises
  • meditation
  • and other healthy lifestyle choices

Maybe you think I am being hard headed

But did you know many high blood pressure drugs had been recalled by the FDA lately?

The FDA said some of these drugs contain some cancer causing ingredients

Here is where the FDA has a list of hbp drugs that had been recalled by the FDA

Go there to check if yours is one of them

You know I do not need to check this list because I do not take these drugs.. fact I try to avoid these synthetic drugs

But here is what is even more significant..
..even high blood pressure drugs that had not been recalled have serious side effects
This fact is known to the FDA

That, and what I know about the risks of high blood pressure drugs, is why I won't be taking the hbp drug the doctor prescribed

A lot of people suffer from high blood pressure
Some of these people do NOT even know it

The risks of high blood pressure are serious indeed
But some of the side effects of the drugs used to treat it is equally serious

Maintaining heart health should not involve substituting 4, 5 other debilitating diseases as this post points out

Click the link to read about it, and how to maintain a healthy heart naturally

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