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How to Cancer Proof Yourself
December 20, 2015

Can You Cancer Proof Yourself?


The very mention sends chills up people's spines

But you can easily reduce your cancer risks

Did you know cancer was rare in the ancient world?

In fact, the industrial revolution is what unleashed the epidemic of cancer in the modern world

The industrial revolution unleashed hundreds of thousands of synthetic chemicals.

Most of these chemicals are highly toxic.
The environment has been polluted by these man made chemicals

And a lot of these chemicals are in your body right now!

Some of these toxic substances have even been found in the unbilical blood of newborns!

There have been suggestions that heredity plays a big part in the onset of cancer and diseases in general.
But this is not necessarily true.

Take a look at this research that found that Cancer is largely a lifestyle disease!

What does that mean?

It means GOOD NEWS indeed.


It means that your choices for the most part determine how healthy you'll be

It means that you can cancer proof yourself with healthy lifestyle choices and by avoiding these toxins.

After all, it is better not to be sick in the first place

This is good news indeed

Why not share this life saving neews with your loved ones, friends, circle etc.

Till next time, this is Teejay saying:

Alway make non-toxic choices


Remember my favorite mantra:

Whatever is going to kill me is not going to get my help!
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