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Avoid this common food to protect your brain
June 08, 2022

Canola Oil, toxic Oil You Need to Avoid

So I went to my friend's house for dinner recently

The food smelled great

But I had to excuse myself before dinner was served, pretending I was suddenly sick..
..and made a dash for the bathroom


Well, I found out that my friend's woman had cooked with Canola oil

I know people still cook with this toxic oil..
in fact another friend of mine did not see anything wrong with any plant oil..

..not until I showed him the research I am about to share with you

I was not about to put this oil in my body

Extra virgin olive oil?


But Canola oil?

No thanks!

How dangerous is Canola oil to your health

Read the research that links Canola oil consumption to Dementia at this link

See why you should avoid consuming this oil at all cost

But the news about Canola oil gets worse, if that's possible

Canola oil has also been linked to Alzheimer's disease and weight gain

Here is that research

Sure you can still find this oil in some people's kitchen..

..and even in some supermarkets

But I hope you won't be consuming this oil after you read the research

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