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Dark chocolate dramatically improves your health in more ways than you can imagine
July 16, 2017

Dark chocolate dramatically improves your health.. BUT!


Have you heard the latest news?

Chocolate improves health!

No kidding!!

Specifically, chocolate reduces your risks of Alzheimer's disease
Chocolate boosts brain function

To boot, chocolate makes you smarter, but chocolate does more

Health benefits of chocolate

But you would forgive me if I am a little annoyed by this "new discovery"
This discovery is in the same league as that [in]famous discovery..
..that of Columbus discovering America while Native Americans watched him do it.

I made a post about the benefits of chocolate a while ago..

..specifically the benefits of chocolate to your heart, brain, blood circulation, anti oxidant power, and the power to boost sex drive

Go read it

The awesome benefits of chocolate were known to the Aztecs centuries ago
The Aztecs so revered Chocolate that it was used as currency-they used it to pay their soldiers

Aztec emperor Montezuma was reputed to have a habit of consuming several cups of Chocolate every day
It was also the beverage of choice served to dignitaries

Here is another health benefit of chocolate you may want to take particular note of

Chocolate normalizes blood pressure

Blood pressure medications can damage your health big time

Oh, by the way, if you find yourself craving chocolate, it may be because you are deficient in Magnesium

Chocolate has one of the highest level of magnesium of any product on the planet

Unfortunately, most people in the United States are deficient in magnesium

The Aztecs also knew the power of Chocolate to increase libido..
They forbade their soldiers from taking chocolate home on vacation


Because the Aztecs didn't want soldiers running around their villages with the high libido chocolate provides

The likelihood of sexual crime against women by these men with high libido was the reason for this prohibition

So, that chocolate dramatically improves health is really NOT news

Read the post I mentioned earlier, not only about the benefits of chocolate but which kind of chocolate to get and which to avoid.


Because all Chocolates are not created equal;
in fact, the wrong kind could undermine your health

Here is the link again

Till next time..

This is Teejay saying..

Always, always make non-toxic choices!


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