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Do you or anyone you know take cholesterol drugs?
April 09, 2017

Cholesterol drugs will ruin your health-get the lowdown on statins


I know it's hard to believe that cholesterol drugs can ruin your health

You would think if a product generates this much buzz-not to mention profits-there must be something good about it..

After all, cholesterol drugs were approved by the government, right?
And they have not been banned or even recalled!

But if you have been reading the newsletters I send you, you would notice that one of the topics I hammer on so much is cholesterol..
..And the scam nature of the drugs to manipulate it

That's because cholesterol drugs can ruin your health, big time-they are a money making scam

That's not just my opinion; that's the opinion of expert scientists, even though you would not see them on the evening news

But that's because the inconvenient truths they tell about the health risks of cholesterol drugs, would threaten the profits of television advertisers!

Take a look at these 2 videos about the health risks of cholesterol drugs

The fact is: Cholesterol is good for you!

And would you believe people with high cholesterol live longer?

And that people with low cholesterol die younger?

The FDA keeps on issuing one confusing cholesterol guideline after another, with each one more confusing than the last

But what is consistent is that the FDA seemed to have colluded with drug companies to get more of us on Statins!

But I want you to..


I dare you to watch these 2 videos that the authorities tried to ban in Australia

The truth about cholesterol drugs that it tells is just too inconvenient..

..Because it could finally threaten the profits of cholesterol drug manufacturers!

But it could save your life and the lives of your loved ones!

Watch the videos and thank me later!


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Till next time..

This is Teejay, saying:

Always, always make non toxic choices!

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