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This spice in your kitchen boosts metabolism to help you burn fat
November 24, 2017

New Blood Pressure Directive Could Put Millions More on Medication


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The world is obese!

There is no polite way to say it
Did you know a common kitchen spice can help you burn fat?

The spice may be in your kitchen right now

The spice I am talking about is Cinnamon!

But the news about Cinnamon gets even better
Turns out Cinnamon helps your body metabolize sugar too
That's why you see a jar of Cinnamon at Starbucks, next to Sugar and artificial sweeteners!

Cinnamon boosts your metabolism

That's no hype either

This conclusion is backed by solid scientific research

Good metabolism is the key to burning excess fat
The low fat programs have been discredited- they can damage your health
Eating fat won't make you fat-according to Dr Aaron Carroll, a professor of pediatrics at the Indiana University School of Medicine

Sugar poses a higher risk for obesity than anything else
Actually, sugar maybe the single greatest threat to your health, period!

The ingredient in Cinnamon responsible for helping jack up your metabolism is Cinnamaldehyde-a mouthful

But research in rats-and humans have confirmed the fat burning power of Cinnamaldehyde
Cinnamaldehyde is an essential oil in Cinnamon that is responsible for its unique flavor

Specifically, this chemical activates Thermogenesis

What is Themogenesis?

Thermogenesis is the process by which your body generates heat by burning calories

So why not take thermogenic supplements?

Well, for one, some of them contain stimulants such as Caffeine, herbs such as Guarana or Ephedra
The FDA had banned the sale of Ephedra and issued safety warning about Guarana
These herbs can cause heart problems especially when combined with some medications

Drug companies have tried mightily to come up with a blockbuster product
But to date none has been able able to SAFELY help people
Then there are the various fat burners programs that promise you the sexy body of a model

How have they worked?

Not too well, judging by the explosion of obesity worldwide

Now comes Cinnamon, nature's secret to burning excess fat
A product that is validated by rigorous scientific research

You know the big boys are salivating over this.
They are going to jump on this research as a way to monetize the world wide obesity epidemic

But there is a little problem!

You can't patent a natural product-at least that's the law

As you've read above, the ingredient responsible for the fat busting power of Cinnamon is


You may not be able to patent a natural product..


That's a fraudulent way to get around the rules

But, a chemical analog, even when it has the same chemical structure is NOT the same..
..does NOT behave the same as what comes from Mother Nature

Sure, the manufacturer would tell you that these synthesized bastards are Bio-identical to the real thing
But this argument falls flat on its face when you realize that your body knows the difference..
AND treats them differently!

This is the reason most medications have side effects no matter how Bio-identical they are to the real thing

Now, are you thinking what I am thinking?

Can't you just imagine these companies retreating to their laboratories, gather their Chromatography machines, Bunsen burners, Pippetes, test tubes etc..
AND have their mad scientists in white lab coats, synthesize a bastardized version of Cinnamaldehyde?

Now, they can patent that bastardized version as a dmediction, with the monopoly that a patent grants the holder
And then claim that the resulting concoction "CURES" obesity!
And this shenanigan IS all Legal!

But here is the irony

Did you know YOU would NOT be able to claim that Cinnamon "cures" obesity?


Because, according to the FDA-and even its European equivalent, ONLY drugs can CURE anything

So in this kind of Orwellian world, Synthetic Cinnamaldehyde would cure obesity..

BUT, YOU cannot claim Cinnamon-the real deal, does!

Oh, you could..

IF you do not mind the government sending you to an involuntary retreat for a few years, complete with orange suits and guard dogs

When this happens, this synthetic isolate would have side effects
Why, you ask?
Isn't Cinnamaldehyde natural?

If it is from Mother Nature, YES
But, you see, a plant, herb etc is a totality of its components
When you isolate one ingredient-especially when that ingredient is synthetic..
that isolate, devoid of the synergistic effects of other plant chemicals, would not behave the same
AND your body would treat it differently-as a foreign object
And mount a reaction against it

That in a nutshell is why a lot of your medications have side effects

That's also the reason most medications have to suppress your immune system to gain entrance into your body
The manufacturers admit to that-listen to the ads on television

Take Aspirin for example

Bayer holds the original patent for Aspirin
But did you know that Aspirin is just 1 ingredient in the Willow Tree?
Aspirin has been linked to risks of internal bleeding, erectile dysfunction etc.

But if you were to brew a tea from the Willow tree, I bet you would NOT experience those adverse effects!

Now you know Cinnamon is Nature's secrets to getting the body you want
But it is just one component in your weight loss effort

Here is a little warning when it comes to Cinnamon
A lot of the Cinnamon you see in stores are NOT the real thing
Not only that, researchers do not know at what level Cinnamon can be toxic

But almost all cultures on earth have been consuming Cinnamon for centuries

So if you really want to lose excess weight, take advantage of Cinnamon, Nature's Secret to Losing Weight


Watch this

target="_blank">Quick Fat Elimination Video to get the body you want

Take care of your health-it's your most precious asset!

Till next time, I hope you'll always make non-toxic choices

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