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Dairy Milk and Prostate Cancer
May 10, 2021

Dairy Milk Prostate Cancer Link

It is scary

In fact I file this report in weird but true column

This research from Mayo Clinic found that consuming dairy milk increases your risks of Prostate Cancer

But the news is not all bad

The same research also found that plant based diet reduces your risks of Prostate Cancer

You may want to think twice before you load your sandwich with that creamy cheese or gulp down that cup of milk

Prostate Cancer is more common in Western countries where dairy products are consumed at a higher rate-as compared to Asian countries

Here is where you can read about all this in case you think I am making this up

Here is something else to think about

Did you know that humans are the only creatures that consume milk after they are weaned?

I know what you are thinking:
But my cat drinks milk

Sure she does!

But think about this
Left to their own instincts, animals would not drink milk AFTER they are weaned

The only animals that drink milk as adults are those under human care

How about Calcium from milk, you ask?
Well, I am sad to inform you that the calcium in milk is poorly absorbed

But the news about dairy milk gets is more frightening

Consuming dairy milk can actually weaken your BONES

I know, I know

That contradicts what we have been told

So you see, we may not know what we think we know

I am going to talk about this some more because Prostate Cancer is the second biggest Cancer killer in the US

Till next time..

This is TJ saying..

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