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Natural Health Summer Catalog
July 02, 2016

Have germs won over antibiotics?


Why am I sending you this urgent piece?


There is a real risk to your health
And those who should are not talking about it!

Oh, by the way, I am still working on that Summer Catalog of Natural Health Products

No, I am not lazy, I am just trying to pick the right products for best health benefits

What with Zika, Ebola and other opportunistic diseases!

You will be glad to know there is in the catalog a product that can protect you against the Zika virus

Zika and Sex

And talking about Zika, do you know Zika can be spread through sex?

One more thing to take the pleasure out of living, won't you say!

But enough of that for now

Antibiotic Apocalypse?

The reason I am shooting this e-mail is about the overuse of antibiotics

In humans and livestock

And the very great risk it poses to your health!

Now germs have got the better of most of them

Germs have now outwitted some of our most powerful antibiotics

Doctors and the government won't tell you because they do not want the public to panic!

How can you protect yourself?

Read this post I made a while ago about a natural alternative to antibiotics

Before the advent, and proliferation of antibiotics, this was-and is-for some people, the best defense against infections

Colostrum is Mother Nature's best immune booster, has the most potent pro-bio-tics and more

This is how you protect your health and the health of your loved ones

By the way, look forward to that catalog

When it arrives, make sure you read it from page to page

It is that important-I mean, to your health

Until then..

This is Teejay from Natural Health News saying..

Go non toxic at all times!

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