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Dangers of synthetic chemicals to Your health
July 23, 2016

Dangers of Man made chemicals to Your health


how to avoid dangerous synthetic chemicals

You would remember I promised the summer catalog of Natural Health would be ready soon?

Well, I have to delay that a little bit to bring you this information because it is that important

The Chemical Soup YOU live in

Did you know there are more than 84,000 synthetic chemicals?

These are unnatural chemicals NOT found in nature
You and I come in contact with these chemicals everyday

And you know what is more scary?

A lot of them have not been adequately tested.

What does that mean?

That means we do NOT know the damage they can do over a long period of exposure

But here is another thing

Did you know there are about 13,000 chemicals allowed in your cosmetics?

And some of them are not even required to be labeled.

Most of them have NOT been adequately tested either

Some of these can damage your lungs, irritate your eyes, damage your kidneys etc.

Some of your cosmetics even contain Formaldehyde

You know what Formaldehyde is, don't you?


I bet you never thought about that, did you?

And if you do think about it, maybe you just shrug your shoulders and go about your regular business

But I want to impress on you how serious this is though

It may be the major reason you and a lot of people are sick

The synthetic chemical industry is about $700 billion a year industry

What are the cumulative effects of being exposed to these chemicals?

And this one is scary indeed-see if this does not scare the pants out of you

There are 200 synthetic chemicals that have been detected in the umbilical cord blood of newborns!

Did you get that?

These are newborns who are yet to take a single breath.

How did these chemicals get into these babies?

Through the blood of their mothers!

Everyone-I mean everyone on earth, regardless of where s/he lives, has some of these chemicals in his/her body.

Some of these chemicals..

  1. Reprogram DNA
  2. Disrupt hormonal balance
  3. Damage lung capacity
  4. Lower the immune system etc

I will be writing more about this later I will also be sharing how you can avoid these dangerous chemicals..

And how you can cleanse yourself of these dangerous chemicals that are already in you.

Make sure you read the emails I send you and visit my site regularly

Till next time, this is Teejay saying:

Always make non toxic choices

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