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Your body can reverse diabetes without drugs-says this research
January 06, 2019

Your body can heal itself without drugs

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I was going to send you a different piece
But I came across this incredible article and I figure you should know about it

About the information:

The rate of diabetes has skyrocketed in the last 20 years
In the same period, diabetes drug prescriptions have also kept pace..
With tremendous profits for drug manufacturers

But all is not well with these drugs

You would remember that I sent you information about one diabetic drug that increases your risk of leg amputation!
That diabetic drug is Invocana

Here is where the FDA warns about amputation risks of diabetic drug Invocana

But today is good news about Diabetes

Turns out your body can actually heal itself of Diabetes!

Here is where you can read about the diabetes research

There have been cases in which people have reversed diabetes without drugs

That included one British Politician!

But here is 1 person you would recognize who reversed his diabetes without drugs..

Jerry Mathers of "Leave It To Beaver"

Watch the Diabetes Reversal Video he used to do it

In fact, I believe that your body can heal itself of most diseases

Most of the biological processes going on in your body happen without your intervention
Most of the time, you don't even know these processes are going on

If you cut yourself, you do not have to tell your body to heal the wound. It does it anyway

Do You Take High Blood Pressure Medication?

I remember that I also sent you information about the recall of many High Blood Pressure drugs

The reason?

The FDA says these high blood pressure drugs have an ingredient in them that increases your risks of Cancer

If you are taking blood pressure medications, you need to go and find out if yours is one of those recalled high blood pressure drugs


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