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How many cups of milk do you drink per day?
March 02, 2020

Milk does a body good?

Don't drink the milk?

But Milk does a body good right?


You would remember in one of the Newsletters I sent you I stressed the dangers of drinking milk
I am sure you might have thought I had lost my marbles

But look at this research here
That research "Finds Breast Cancer Risk Can Rise by 50% for Women Who Drink a Cup of Milk Every Day"

That is scary

I know what you're going to say
What about Calcium-you get a lot of Calcium from milk

Actually you don't!

The calcium in milk is NOT readily absorbed by the body

Have you ever wondered why animals would NOT drink their own milk after they are weaned?

Only humans drink milk as adults

The only other creatures that drink milk as adults are animals under human care

Left to their own instincts, animals would not drink milk as adults

Milk is for the rapid development of babies
In fact a lot of adults do not have milk digesting enzymes in their bodies

That's why you have all those little lactose pills at your drug stores

But the news gets worse..

Turns out consuming milk and cheese raises a man's risk of Prostate Cancer-according to this research

But I like my cereal, you say-what am I going to do now?
Switch to non-dairy milk, that's what you do!

There is a lot they are not telling you

For instance, did you know that some acne medications carry a high risk of depression and suicide?

Here is where you can read the warnings about the health risks of Roaccutane

And that's just 1 medication of many dangerous acne medications

But here is a natural 5 Piece Acne Clear Kit with Herbal Acne Supplement to clear acne from inside out

Till next time...
Take care of your health

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