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Want to live long and healthy-Eat more green veggies
October 21, 2019

Eat more vegetables live longer!

Eating more vegetables prolongs life

Your mother was right

When she says eat your vegetable, you better listen
Her wisdom is backed by several researches that confirm the fact that people who eat few vegetables age prematurely and die early
Here is one of those researches

This type of aging is unhealthy aging

Vegetable heavy diet can actually delay aging and build resistance to diseases
Those who age prematurely are more prone to diseases

That is because premature aging lowers your immune system
A low immune system opens you up to opportunistic infections

You are more likely to die of a disease, that for healthy people, might be just an inconvenience

Research show that 20% of deaths worldwide are tied to poor nutrition

Unfortunately, it is hard to get adequate nutrition even when you try to follow your mother's advice



  • Foods do not have the nutrients they used to have
  • Foods are harvested before they mature and ripen on the vine
  • The soil they are grown in is depleted of nutrients because of artificial fertilizers and soil erosion
  • Pesticides and inorganic fertilizers have killed off beneficial soil bacteria that help fix nitrogen
  • Bees and other creatures that pollinate plants are dying from pollution and man made chemicals

Don't these people know that eating more vegetables prolongs life?
Of course, but can you spell profits?

Some foods are not even grown nowadays-they are MADE!
Some of these foods are GMOs

You are assured GMOs are safe but damage at the genetic level may not show up for decades-even centuries

We do not live that long to see the consequences of our foolishness
The result is food with bulk but low nutrition

Even though we know that eating more vegetables prolongs life, food companies plunge ahead on the way to obscene profit..
people's health be damned!

So you are full..
NO, you are not
You are bloated but your cells are starving of nutrients-hence the worldwide obesity problem

Which is where supplements come in
But there are problems here too

Most of the supplements are actually synthetics put together in a fancy lab

In light of the fact that eating more vegetables prolongs life..
Why aren't you eating more veggies?

Our hectic lifestyle, in a hurry to get nowhere, have us grabbing any food that is convenient at the moment..
Which is unhealthy fast food!

How can you follow your mother's advice in that kind of hectic world?

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