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Yogurt Protects against Colon, Rectal Cancer
January 22, 2020

Eat yogurt lower your risk of Colon, Rectal Cancer

Eating yogurt may slash your risk of Lower Colon Cancer [Colon and Rectal Cancer]

That's according to this research

How much?

19% lower risk for men who consume at least 2 servings a week

Cancer in any part of the body is dangerous
Any factor that reduces the risks is always welcome
Yogurt with Probiotics is preferred

Many researches had documented the health benefits of Probiotics

These include..

  • Boosting the immune system
  • Helping in digestion and elimination
  • More bio available Calcium
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Neutralizing free radicals and some Cancer causing elements in the Colon

So, should you be eating Yogurt?

Of course!
But make sure it is one with live cultures [Probiotics]

That is good news
But here is some news that's not so good

Long term use of antibiotics increases your risks of Colon Cancer

Unfortunately, antibiotics are over prescribed in our culture of instant fixes

But more alarming is the fact that antibiotics are no longer effective against some germs
These germs have found ways to defeat the efficacy of most antibiotics

Scientists have known this for a while

Scientists and governments the world over are scrambling to find "New antibiotics" to replace those that had been defeated by these mutating germs

You don't hear too much about that because the authorities do not want the public to panic

Here is another alarming news about antibiotics

A lot of the infections today are from viruses

  • HIV
  • Ebola
  • Zika etc.

Did you know that antibiotics have NO effect on viruses?
Viruses laugh in the face of antibiotics

An unknown virus could potentially wipe out a large part of world population before scientists could find a cure

The Plague killed 75 million people!

In case you think this is alarmist, consider the case of a virus frozen for 30,000 years that "woke up" after the ice melted!

This is the stuff of nightmares

How can you protect yourself?

Upgrade your defense department!

Your immune system is your body's defense department

One of the best ways to upgrade that defense department is with good nutrition
Unfortunately foods are now devoid of the nutrients nature endowed them with

This is because of over farming, pesticides, harvesting food crops before they are mature etc.


Most of them are isolated chemicals forced together with Voodoo Chemistry

Your body does not recognize them as "FOODS" and tries to get rid of them

Their residues could accumulate in your body, compromising your health

What to do?

Food Matrix Formula..

Like this Mega Nutrition Organic Super Foods Formula

So you can build a healthier version of YOU

Weird But True!

Did you know some descendants of the survivors of The Plague CANNOT be infected with the AIDS virus?

They are immune to it!!

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