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Faked health research that can kill you
September 20, 2016

Faked Health Research That Can Kill You


If you've been reading the emails I send you, you know there are some mantras that are favorites of mine

These are:

  • My health is my responsibility-if I don't care about it, no one else will
  • Whatever is going to kill me is NOT going to get my help
  • I am the best ME ever created
  • I am as good-and sometimes better than-the best


So they sounds like some affirmations-which they are!

But this is the point I am trying to make

We trust doctors, scientists, researchers to give us the results of medical researches without any bias

Well, we've been had!

Turns out, researchers as far back as the 60s have been faking the results of health researches

WHY, you ask

They have been paid by food companies, drug companies, to reach conclusions that favor their agendas

But you already know that if you've been reading this newsletter

But this particular deception is different-more egregious

I am writing an article on this shenanigan

I'll send you the link so you can read about it when it is finished

Look forward to it

Till next time

This is Teejay saying:

Always make non toxic health choices

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