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Can you be forever young and healthy?
September 21, 2015
Good Day

How healthy are you.. Really?

Why are some people healthy and some sickly?

Why do some people age young and some look 20 years older than their real age?

I wonder about that too!

But maybe you are thinking you do NOT have to worry about aging because you are in your twenties

What if I told you that you are getting older as you read this?

Aging is not just what only older folks have to worry about

  1. The state of your health
  2. How fast you'll age
  3. Your ability to protect yourself against diseases

ALL these depend on what you do now!
That is, how you live your life day to day

This is what determines how healthy you'll be and whether you'll be susceptible to diseases.

Drugs have devastated people's lives
A lot of these pill popping people are not really sick!
They do not really get well either, they just get by

This is because the drugs are treating the symptoms, not the underlying diseases

Some of them suffer from poor nutrition
Oh, they eat all right.
But what they eat has no nutrition

But worse still, some of these foods are toxic

What kind of lifestyle do you live now?

  • Do you get enough sleep?
  • How about smoking?
  • Excessive alcohol consumption?

All these unhealthy habits can cause premature aging, infertility, heart disease etc

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