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How to be super healthy with nature's wisdom
August 07, 2014

Secrets to being healthy naturally

This is from the Department of "I am not surprised"!

New non-toxic health information is coming out from some awesome researches

Plants and animals in nature have a few surprises for humans This is the more reason why the head strong plunge into profits at all costs, is going to cost us dearly.

Actually, it is already costing us.

The destruction of the environment from big business is now impacting our health at a very frightening scale.

Healing plants that can cure diseases are being destroyed by loggers, big agribusiness, mining companies etc.

Publications and writers with vital lifesaving information do not get as much time on the evening news as chemical drugs

And speaking of Books..
Here is a publisher of natural health books-books that can enhance your health and keep you from getting sick in the first place. Information is your greatest assets.

Hospitals are loaded with hi-tech gadgets, you would think you just stumbled into the instrument deck of Captain Kirk's space craft

BUT, in spite of all these hi-tech gadgets, more people are sicker now than ever before.
More people are overweight than ever. And weight loss programs are a dime a dozen.

How do you choose the best weight loss program in the midst of all that noise?

Foods are not foods anymore, but are manufactured in some fancy labs by experts in lab coats
Drugs that are more dangerous than diseases, GMOs that have almost succeeded in driving natural food plants from farms, toxic chemical run-offs from factories that have polluted waters and devastated fishing...

Envinromental green products have to fight to compete with deep pocket, toxic products that harm humans more than they help

The planet is under assault from profit mongers who would like to-and are actively-monetizing every human misery

If we are not careful, the planet might just decide it has had enough of our shenanigans, and decide to get rid of us, just so it can re-populate with more intelligent and saner species.

Remember, this has happened several times before!

But nature has made ways for us, IF we would only listen, look, and cooperate with it, instead of trying to beat it at a game in which She has a few million years head start over us.

Take a look at this post for instance, and you'll know that we might still have a chance to redeem ourselves before it's too late.

Turns out some of the natural products we need to heal ourselves have been hiding in plain sight all along!

Why haven't we discovered these after all these years? Pursuit of monopoly and profits, that's why!

How many of these discoveries are waiting for us?
I suspect, thousands, maybe more..
If we are as diligent in finding them as we've been about synthetic drugs

Now we have a chance, let's hope we grasp it.

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