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These are the healthiest people on the Planet.
March 20, 2017

Suppose you can be 30 years younger than your Biological age?


The healthiest people on Earth.

Imitate them and be 30 years younger

  • The average middle-aged person among them has arteries that are about 28 years younger than those of Westerners
  • They have the lowest incidences of heart disease, high blood pressure, low glucose and most normal body mass index of any people on earth
  • They exercise 4-7 hours a day-and they rarely smoke!
  • Their diet consists of complex carbohydrates and very low in sugar and fat.
  • An 80 year old among them has the heart health of a healthy 50 year old American!
  • They have the healthiest heart of any people on the planet

Who are these people?

And what are their secrets?

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