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Surviving Coronavirus Lockdown
April 20, 2020

Indoor activities for kids and parents during lockdown

I promised to send you a download link for an important paper I am writing

It was supposed to be for my subscribers only

But seeing the effects of Coronavirus on all of us, I decided to put it on my website for everyone to read

But there is something that's even more urgent than that

That is the cabin fever that we are all experiencing

This is especially hard on children

  • They can't go to school
  • They can't go out and play
  • They can't even visit their friends

Which is why I am telling you about this indoor activities for children that can ease their isolation..

But it is even better than that

This is an indoor activities for kids and their parents that would keep children learning and parents engaged
..for the benefit of parent and child


Click image below


It is the Head Start Reading Program that could put your child 2-3 years ahead of his/her peers

Click the link to watch the incredible video

This indoor activities for children and their parents is a productive way to survive the Coronavirus lock down

Till next time..

This is TJ saying..

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