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The cure for Cancer, is it already in your house?
March 26, 2019

What IF Cancer is curable?

What IF there is a cure for Cancer; and it is NOT a dangerous drug?

It is scary
We are ALL secretly afraid of it

But what IF maybe there is a cure for Cancer-and it is natural

But do not expect to hear it on the evening news

Not until the pharmaceutical companies can synthesize the "active ingredient" in this natural food so they can patent it..

And monopolize its sale for big profits

Oh yes, they can then claim that the product "cures" Cancer


YOU, cannot claim the food from which this synthetic was derived cures Cancer!

Here is something else

What you would be getting in the "drug" would NOT be the natural extract


What you would get is a "synthetic analog" of the natural product


Because you cannot patent a natural product

If you can't patent it, you cannot maintain a monopoly on selling the product

We can't have that, can we?

That would cut into outrageous profits, don't you think?

Read about this promising research into Cancer cure

Till next time, keep getting informed

The right information is more powerful than any drug
Because being informed is how you're going to avoid being sick in the first place

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