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Major Causes of Early Death and How to Avoid them
September 17, 2017

Are you at risk of these major causes of death worldwide


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Table of Contents

  • Obesity, a worldwide Scourge
  • Poor diets can lead you to an early grave
  • Tobacco Killed 7 million people in 2016!
  • Stress, the silent killer
  • Coronary Heart Disease-another leading cause of death worldwide
  • Diabetes could potentially kill 5 million people a year

Does it seem to you that the world is getting sicker?

Witness the global explosion of obesity
Obesity has now become a public health hazard
Ever younger people are dying from heart attack

What is going on?

What are the major causes of death worldwide?

Here are some of the most serious culprits


This is the fastest growing cause of death worldwide

You do not need me to tell you about the worldwide obesity problem
Some countries even proposed a fat tax to discourage consumption of fat promoting foods
Denmark, to its disappointment found that this did not work

With all the weight loss programs screaming on television, why are people still overweight

Have we got it all wrong about weight loss?

Here is a Weight loss Video that says we have

Poor diet

Do you eat right?
Few people do!

Poor diet has been cited as the driving force behind the global obesity epidemic
In fact, poor diet is linked to 20% of of deaths worldwide!

Compounding this problem is global poverty
Poor people are more likely to be victims of poor nutrition, not because they do not know how to eat right
But a poor mother with 3 kids knows that a pound of flour is more filling than a pound of apples!

Poor diet raises the risk of obesity

Poor diet can lead to early death


7 million died from smoking in 2016

This dirty habit is so unhealthy it is hard to know where to begin
Smoking is a risk factor for heart disease, premature aging, emphysema, lung cancer to mention just a few


Why are you stressed?

Stress is a risk factor for:

  • Heart disease
  • Cancer
  • Obesity
  • Memory problems
  • Poor sleep
  • Low immunity etc.

Our so called modern life is full of stress inducing factors

  • We have to meet deadlines
  • Meet our quotas
  • We try to keep up with the Joneses
  • We are always scrambling to get the latest shining objects etc

Well, guess what?

There are few deadlines in life-except the ones man imposes on himself!

Read that again-because it is the key to your peace of mind
Remember, if you were not here, the world would still go on

So relax!

Use this Harmonic Frequency Method to banish stress and get your calm back

Coronary Heart Disease-another leading cause of death worldwide

All the other risks are now driving up the rate of Coronary heart disease

  • Poor nutrition
  • Obesity
  • Lack of Sleep
  • Smoking
  • Stress

ALL these are risk factors for Coronary heart disease!
No wonder heart disease is now one of the leading causes of premature death worldwide


The World Health Organization projected that the rate of Diabetes will increase dramatically in the next few years..
With the potential of killing about 5 million victims every year!

Diabetes is a major risk for obesity

So, there are diabetes drugs

Well, here is one diabetes drug, Invocana, that got some attention from the FDA lately
Invocana increases your risk of leg amputation, according to the FDA

Think that's NOT a misprint?

Here is where you can read about that FDA warning about leg amputation risks of Invocana!

These drugs, such as Invocana work by shuttling away sugar from absorption by your body


Is diabetes a sugar problem?

Watch what this Diabetes Reversal Video says about how that diabetes approach got it wrong too!

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