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Medical lies that can send you to an early grave
September 10, 2017

Is Your doctor lying to you? How would You know?


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Table of Contents

  • Drug Company told healthy people they have Cancer to sell them Drugs
  • Study Finds Link Between Pharma Money and Brand-Name Prescribing
  • Sunscreen May NOT Protect You Against Cancer!

Health Lies that Can Kill YOU

I sent you a newsletter a while ago with the title:

"Your Doctor is Killing You"

I know you might have thought that's over the top, right?

Well, take a look at this week's Newsletter

Here are a few health lies that could kill you.

And there are a lot more of them, but let's just choose a few, shall we

Just pray your doctor is not a part of it!


In order to make more money, Insys Therapeutics convinced otherwise healthy people that they had Cancer so they could sell them their drugs

Read it here

These people are paying to take a drug with serious side effects...
when they did not have Cancer to begin with!

If that does not make your blood boil, check your pulse, you might be dead

Study Finds Link Between Pharma Money and Brand-Name Prescribing

Here's another outrage

Take a look at this:

What your doctor prescribes may not depend on its ability to heal you.

It may depend more on how much drug companies grease his/her palm

So why should you trust your doctor?

Here is a reason to pay attention to one of my constant mantras, and that is..

The best way to be healthy is NOT to get sick in the first place!

And how about this?

Heading to the beach or just outdoors?

So where is your sunscreen?

Aaaah, all over your body!

Now you can laugh at Cancer and frolic in the sun as much as you want, right?

Well, not so fast!

Sunscreens May Not Protect You against Cancer, According to this Research!

Read it here

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