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Depressing research found most new drugs have no health benefits
August 05, 2019

Research found most new drugs have no health benefits

If you remember, in one of the Newsletters I sent you, I pointed you to a research that confirms that cholesterol drugs are a money making scam

This newsletter edition is in the same vein-make sure you read it through
And it is a shocker, but not to me

But if you have been opening and reading those newsletters I send you, it won't be a surprise to you either

This report says that Most New Drugs Have NO Benefits AT ALL!

They are a complete sham!
And drug manufacturers know it!

Are you telling me that all that noise on television about the benefits of these expensive drugs is more of a fraud than anything else?


That's exactly what this research says

But give Big Pharma some credit
At least, in their vaunted ads on TV, they admit to some of the harm their drugs can do

These side effects are rattled off so rapidly you can't keep up

How can you explain a drug that's supposed to "cure" 1 disease..
..but puts you at risk for 7 other serious diseases?

That's not a medicine
That's a POISON

If you and I put a product like that on the market, the government would send us to an "all expense paid retreat" -complete with orange jumpsuits..
..for a few years!

But you and I do not have friends in high places, do we?

Health is a process-a continuous lifestyle choice
One of the most important choices you can make towards that goal, is good nutrition

Such as this Amazing Super Food Formula-a combination of 8 of Mother Nature's super foods

Each of these 8 Super foods is a nutrition powerhouse on its own-in food form

NEW Mega-Nutrition Organic Superfood Infused with Turmeric to help with inflammation

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What about Vitamins, Multivitamins?

Well, most of them are synthetics

Your body, in its infinite wisdom, knows the difference

Read the ingredients of these man made chemical soups

Some of the ingredients might even be from Petroleum sources
You won't drink drink gasoline for good health, would you?

Of course not!

There had been researches that found that the residues from these unnatural "Vitamins" can accumulate in, and clog your arteries

Get healthy naturally

With healthy lifestyle choices, good nutrition and exercises-however moderate, you won't need those toxic drugs

Do no fall for slick ads

It's your health we're talking about

Guard it jealously!

It's better NOT to be sick in the first place!

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Till next time, I hope you'll always make non-toxic choices

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