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What do you and mushrooms have in common?
September 25, 2020

How are you and mushrooms the same?

What do mushrooms and humans have in common?



Everyone is scared..
and should be

But why do some who are infected survive..
while some die?

Why do some who are infected do not even fall sick at all?

Research now confirms that people with good immune system have a lower risk of getting infected or getting sick from Covid-19

One of nature's defenses, according to this research, is Vitamin D

Vitamin D has been found by research, to lower your risk of contracting Covid-19

In fact, this Boston University research found that Vitamin D could reduce your risk of contracting corona virus by a whopping 54%!

Which is why that question I asked earlier becomes relevant



When human skin is exposed to the sun, it produces Vitamin D

In the same way..

When mushrooms are exposed to the sun they also produce more Vitamin D

It is about the only [plant?] with this characteristic

In fact, mushrooms are Neither plant nor animal!
They occupy a unique niche in nature that has "confounded humans since ancient times"

Mushrooms contain an abundance of Vitamin D
Mushrooms also pack other incredible immune boosting factors

You are probably familiar with some mushrooms-such as Reishi, Maitake

Click this link to read more about the power of mushrooms to defend you against infections

But it gets better

Mushrooms also contain B Vitamins

Guess what?

Research has also found that B Vitamins lower your risk of contracting Corona virus

Other contents of mushrooms that reduce your risks of infection include:

  • Immune boosting factors
  • High antioxidant properties to help neutralize free radicals
  • Help focus and clarity
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Help balance blood sugar..
    and more

Did you know that Bromelain, an enzyme in Pine apple has also been found to lower your risk of contracting Corona virus?

You are probably familiar with some mushrooms-such as Reishi, Maitake etc.

But what IF you can take advantage of this combination of the most powerful medicinal mushrooms on earth

Incredible medicinal mushroom formula

  • Reishi
  • Shiitake
  • Lion's Mane
  • Maitake
  • Turkey tail
  • Chaga
  • White Button Mushroom (Agaricus Bisporus)
  • Black Fungus (Auricularia Auricula)
  • Cordyceps Sinensis

Click this link to access this mushroom complex to protect you and your family against infections

I am putting together a White Paper on Mushrooms and how they can help lower your risk of contracting Corona virus..
defend you against infections in general etc.

I'll let you know when it is ready for FREE download.. for my subscribers ONLY

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You can read about the awesome health benefits of mushrooms here

Click it now to learn how the lowly mushroom could potentially be your key to surviving while others fall sick..



Till next time..

This is TJ saying..

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